Temporary assignment to Germany

I’ll be low key for a while because I’ll be in Nürnberg, Germany until mid-May.  

Since i’ll be residing in a house as a guest, I won’t feel comfortable getting online very much and chat room visiting will be greatly reduced until I get an encrypted VPN set up or my own private internet connection purchased.
I’m up for visiting people; mainly wetters for platonic (non-sexual), but very pants-wet meetings, and I do have resources and time to travel a distance on a few occasions.

While I’m excited to be traveling to Germany, I’m also unbelievably anxious about how I will survive sexually.  In previous smaller trips, I stayed in occasional hotels, but this time, I’m sharing a place with a non-wetter.  And when I say non-wettter, that means NON. It was purely incidental that I heard my housemate stopped wearing bike shorts on the bike when he heard from someone that the bikers wet themselves through them, just to give you an idea.  It is a benefit that I’ve known the family for several years though.

I’m still planning wet hikes though.

Cheaha or Bankhead National Forest (Alabama) on May 22, 2014
Joplin, MO or northeast Oklahoma area in late May 27-30th
Great Smoky Mountains in Mid June
Colorado Rockies in first week of July

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