Telling a close friend more

So today I gave my friend a lift to work, gave me chance to speak her to again about this. Anyway quick story about yesterday. I actually had genuine accident. I was just leaving one of my sites I look after, and felt bm but thought I would be fine. So got in the car started driving and thought nope this is going to be hard. I was about 10 minutes away from a petrol station so thought lets try. I got there and there was queue unfortunately and that moment I couldn’t hold it any more and loaded my pull up was rather noisy so people heard. I then turn away and walked out and came home to clean up.

Back to my friend. so I was bit grumpy last night as we had other friends turn up and wanted to chat to her but it was fine. We had long conversation last night and all was good, So I gave her lift this morning to work and I told her she was really good about it and understands. I apologised in advance if I have an accident (cough cough) and said it would’t phase her.

So here hoping to have messy adventure with her soon 🙂

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