Telling a close freind

Firstly I am no story wirtier and my english and grammer are terrible. I have had amazing weekend. I love the thrill of nearly getting caught wearing a pull up. There is only one person that knows I wear them because of problems (a lie I know) but only way to get away with messing my pants when I met up with her. However since I have left my work I don’t see her anymore. I now have another really close freind who is awsome, we get on really well, like the same things and enjoy each other company. So anyway we have been away camping for the weekend with a group of freinds which was very good fun. But as me and my freind where first up thought I would show of my pull up and not worry. Well she didn’t notice and didnt say anything so thought okay fine. but i had been wetting different ones for two nights 🙂 saves going out in the cold. Anyway when I have had one I have made a point of removing the tag from the tena pull up. Anyway on the way home today I kept making a fuss about it driving home (I was driving kept putting my hand behind my back) she did notice i was uncofrtable and asked what was up and said I had tag anoying she offered to hold steering wheel but I said no would take to long ;). I was about 15 minutes from home when I found a layby and pulled in. When we stopped I pretended to struggle doing it. I turn round to her said How much I can trust you? then said the tag is attached to something that is very embarrasing and I need help, So she said okay I turned around and showed her wear it was and told to pull it. Wow this is awsome i was thinking. I did lie why I was wearing it but she was so understanding 😉 all in all I now no I can wear and use one a round her with out any problems. All in all awsome

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  1. Glad it worked out well for you. Do you think you might persuade her to try wearing one ?

  2. Erm not sure I kinda want to use one while she is around and see what she says. you never know it might happen

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