I wrote a story awhile back about a teacher that changed my pants in her secret room. This continued into 8th grade as well. I remember one day I saw her early before classes and she was dressed in clothes that made me want to have an accident. I had clothing fetishes and certain jeans and certain dresses made me want to deviate and wet and definitely mess myself. She had lightly tanned colored skin and a soft skin complexion because she was in her 20’s or early 30’s but it was my guess. I really didn’t know. She was older than me but younger than my mom. Her hands were soft and that was my main trigger to want to shit myself and then cum in my pants before she changed me. She had long black hair and it was soft and straight. I would stare at her in the class she taught that I was present in and try to load my pants with shit or at least wet myself in my seat. Anything for her attention! Some days would go by and I would see her in the hallway and say to myself “she is Change and Diarrhea” Shit my pants and masturbate …can I get away with it in school today and in front of the teacher I love very much. I was a humper boy at that age and I would hump to get my balls off. After my pants were full I would lay on my tummy on the carpet and rub and hump the floor until I masturbated in my pants. There was hard floors at school so masturbating would be more difficult. I would do it on the grass field, rubbing my thing until I squirted white goo in my pants. Then I would show my teacher the shit pants and tell her I needed changed or clean pants…call my mom and get clean pants for me. One day she took me to her secret place and said that she would change me if I would let her touch me sexually. She had weird fetishes too. Just having that room and no one important in the school knowing it existed suggested she had issues too. Okay by me because getting changed by a very pretty teacher was a dream come true. Eeeww, when I would do a poop in my pants I couldn’t wait for her to see and smell it because I knew she would whisk me off to that room to be pants changed and then some other stuff. She was good at getting me cleaned up quickly. Dropping my top pants was my job and then she would photograph the dirty pants then peel them off of me to film more shots. Baby wipes to clean my behind and soft cloths dampened in warm water for the final cleaning. Then clean different clothes for my classmates to wonder ? What happened to me? Why is he in different clothes. Kept them guessing. Only my close friends knew about this teacher but not here secret room. I never saw her after 8th grade. Never forgot the everything stuff that took place that school year with her.

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