T&D; Roommates bound together

From somewhere off in the distance, his dreams took a turn. He heard yelling, struggling. Slowly, he began to come to, only to suddenly feel the rag over his face, inhaling the acrid stench of ether. He struggled for a moment before succumbing to the vile liquid. In those brief seconds, his life flashed before his eyes as he lost consciousness…

At 20, Richard moved out of the house he grew up in. He wanted independence, despite the love he had for his father. It was only the two of them. His mother left when he was a baby, so his father was his whole world, but he needed to be on his own, so he moved about three hours away, not too far, but enough to establish his own identity.

Answering an ad for a roommate, he was struck by the masculine, scruffy man that answered the door. About a decade older than he was, Brian was a polar opposite of the young marine’s son. He was Oscar to Felix’s neatness, a total slob. Having grown up in a military household, Richard was used to that type of order. Brian was…well the only word that came to the young man’s mind was…shaggy. His dark hair and beard were unkempt and a little too long, covered by the ever present ragged camo-cap. His hazel-brown eyes had a meanness to them, but in reality he was just a big teddy bear, bear being quite accurate. He wasn’t in shape, nor slobby. Just an average guy. Underneath all the scruffy demeanor was an affable, friendly dude. He was a man’s man, the machismo this guy projected was as natural as any Richard had seen.

Needless to say, they became roommates and fast friends, bonding like few people do. Polar opposites, Richard was a lean, tightly built stick, as per his own description. He was however cut, due to his diligence at the gym, giving his lean frame structure. He was most proud of the ample bubble butt he was able to build, which was frequently encased in one of a half-dozen pairs of black polyester blend slacks which were a part of his uniform at a local restaurant. That and white t-shirts were the extent of his wardrobe. His roommate worked in construction, so he didn’t have to be particularly hygienic. His wardrobe consisted of grungy Wranglers and t-shirts in various states of disrepair, each sporting a different design or message; all having absorbed the sweat of his non-deodorized pits.

In the year they had lived together, they had become almost inseparable. Richard had a few friends he had made since he had been in town, but he preferred to spend his time with Brian, known to everyone he knew as BigBri. Brian had two very close friends, Al and Cody, who were roommates also, just a few blocks from the small ranch the grungy stud owned. Besides them, he spent all his time with his new friend and roommate, playing video games and bonding in the basement family room off the younger man’s bedroom.

The husky redneck was unabashedly masculine, something that the young lithe man was totally turned on by. A real guy who farted (endlessly) and wore his tattered Wrangler jeans and old white briefs for weeks on end before washing them. He nonetheless had a relaxed maleness about him. The younger man realized early on he was gay, and the stocky redneck he was shacking up with was his fantasy partner. His roommate was a farting, belching, hyper-masculine example of the male race, and every scent that came from his body hit the young stud directly in the dick, causing him to spring an instant boner whenever he was in the presence of his buddy.

Slowly, he came to, prying open his sticky eyes. He couldn’t move. There was a pronounced pressure on his neck and he felt himself pressed tightly against something…there was a denim encasement in his face. He pulled against the restraints. it took a moment before he realized that he was tightly taped to his roommate. Lying on his left side, he was fully dressed in a t-shirt and his black work pants, his head scissored between the strong thighs of his hunky housemate. BB’s head, likewise, was trapped between Richard’s thighs. Their respective wrists were wrapped around numerous times with tape and it was run around their torsos, pressing their bodies together.

He struggled to make sense of what was happening. It didn’t take long for him to deduce that they were being robbed, which didn’t make much sense as neither of them really had anything. The house was furnished with garage sale finds and hand-me-downs, so he couldn’t figure out what they could possibly want. As he heard no noise coming from upstairs, he figured the would-be burglars must have come to the same conclusion and left.

Rounds of duct tape wrapped around Brian’s thighs, holding the younger man’s head to the ratty Wranglers. The same was true on the other end; The husky redneck’s face was buried in the butt of the young line cook. Richard tried to speak, but realized that he couldn’t say anything that could be understood, as there was something very sour and acrid filling his mouth, which was also taped shut. He felt the cotton mass with his tongue before realizing is was a pair of BigBri’s sweaty work socks. He heard unintelligible sounds coming from his butt and came to the conclusion his roommate must be gagged in the same way.

He tugged at the tape; it was unyielding. They were so thoroughly bound together, it would take them some time to get out of this. Breathing deeply, he smelled the stench of his buddy’s fart-scented Wranglers as well as the heady musk of his crotch and, horrified, felt his dick begin to stiffen. The young man was, after all, amply blessed in the genetics department, and he knew the man to whom he was secured could feel the growing member pressing against his clavicle. He tried everything he could to not be turned on, but every breath of his masculine buddy’s smelly jeans, as well as the rank socks in his mouth, were too powerful a stimulant.

It wasn’t helping that the older man was squirming around, trying to get free, his body masturbating the young man as he struggled. Dull morning light was beginning to stream through the small basement windows, signaling the onset of the day. Richard strained to see the time on the cable box across from him, noting that the time was almost 8:00am. He realized two things were about to happen and he was mortified; you see, he had another secret, something no one else knew about.

The lean young man had a particular fetish involving bondage, desperation and loss of control. He had found a website that catered to like-minded people and had joined, contributing to the site with a full-face profile, a few videos he had shot while his roommate was at work, and stories; many, many stories, most of which featured the man he was currently taped to. In other words, his ultimate fantasy was about to occur, and his secret would be out. There was about a 100% chance he would climax violently when his buddy had an accident, something he knew for certain was about to happen.

BigBri’s ritual was so regular, you could set your watch to it. At 8:05 every morning, when Richard was in the shower, the stocky stud would burst into the only bathroom in nothing but his tattered white briefs and battered camo cap, which was an ever present feature; he imagined the hunky stud probably had it on even now; amble to the toilet and plop his meaty ass on the bowl, spraying a fire-hose stream of piss into the water as he squeezed a monster turd into the porcelain bowl. From the shower, the younger man would feign disgust, but in reality he was throbbing as the stench wafted into the enclosure. He was thankful that the shower curtain was opaque, because he would stroke his member for a short time, spraying wads of thick cream onto the tile.

When he finished his shower, the older stud would flush and Richard did his business, dropping a log while his buddy stood at the sink and brushed his teeth. This had occurred like clockwork every day for the past year they had lived together. He knew that the stud taped to him was a few minutes away from his regular routine and, being denied, he would have a brutal accident, followed shortly by the younger man returning the favor.

He had learned in the beginning of their shared residency what would happen if he disturbed Brian’s routine, as he inadvertently locked the door one morning about a month into their living arrangement. Although he had only been in the shower a couple of minutes, the desperate yelling and frantic banging made him jump out, dripping puddles of water on the floor, slipping in them as he grabbed the handle. Flinging it open, he was greeted by the sight of a humiliated redneck in what were once white briefs, the crotch and his hairy legs soaked with piss, a substantial pool on the floor between his feet. He could hear the last crackle as the embarrassed stud’s shorts filled with the last vestiges of his massive log.

The mortified redneck looked at his young, naked roommate and whispered, “Please don’t lock the door again. My routine is so regular, that if I don’t get to the john when I need to…well, this is what happens.” Richard managed to turn around as his dick started to harden, the growing stimulation hidden from the freshly-messed dude. Brian stripped out of his loaded shorts, opening the hamper and dropping them in, log and all. The glistening youngster motioned to the still running shower, inviting his red-faced roommate to step in and clean himself. Brian didn’t seem to notice that he never saw those shorts again, the befouled briefs purloined by the horny, lithe stud, who had worn them and jacked off into them countless times since.

The clock now read 8:09, something of a personal best for the restrained man and the beefy redneck was struggling fiercely, grunts of desperation coming from under the tape. He was farting frequently, each one accompanied by a grimace, as his squirming increased. Richard could feel his buddy pulling frantically at the tape, the whole scene making the young man harder than he had ever been before. He could only hope that his roommate was so engrossed in his growing need that he didn’t notice that massive hard-on pressing against him.

He could feel his dirty redneck fighting against the unbearable pressure, his strong thighs scissoring on the young man’s neck. Cries of, “MO,MO; MMM-MMM!” came from the regions of the line cook’s ass. He felt the stud’s stubby fingers clawing at his lower back as he blasted gas directly up his co-captor’s nostrils, the heady scent further increasing the massive boner encased in his slacks.

Suddenly, he heard the beefy dude grimace and felt his body tense as a muffled hiss came from the tattered denim under Richard’s chin. He felt the warm wetness as the burly stud helplessly pissed himself, the warm liquid soaking the jeans and the young man’s white t-shirt soaking down to the floor and pooling under them. From directly in front of his face, he heard a soft “pffft” as his buddy grunted out what sounded like a soft “fuck” from the silver gag, and the denim began to lump out towards his nose, a pronounced “ttthhhwwwwuuuccckkk” coming from the stud’s ass. As the bulge grew, it actually pressed up against the lithe boy’s nostrils, the only oxygen reaching his lungs filtered through shit-filled denim.

He felt abdominal contractions against his chest as the helpless guy bore down against the resistance of the expanding log in his jeaned butt. Every receptor in the younger man’s brain was firing on overdrive as he was enveloped in absolute ecstasy, the bulging denim pressing against his face, the cooling piss soaking his shirt and left side, the nubby fingers still clawing against his lower back as the stud continued his struggle to free himself, even though it was too late to stop the unfolding mess. As his buddy’s chest continued to rub against his raging hard-on, the skinny line cook could hold out no more.

His body shuddered as he felt his balls contract, shooting copious wads of cream into the colorful satin boxers squeezed under his snug trousers. The room was spinning as he lost himself in total release, not even caring anymore if Brian was aware of what was happening against his upper body. After what seemed like an eternity, he finished shooting. His nostrils flared as he trembled, his shorts were saturated with jizz.

They laid there for a moment trying to recover from their respective ordeals. The older man was trying to communicate to Richard, but he couldn’t make out what was being said. He had to assume his best friend was trying to apologize for his accident. He didn’t care; he could have stayed there forever. He was in utter bliss. He also knew that within a few minutes, he would be forced to return the favor. As his member softened, his own urgent need was coming to light.

Horrified, he felt the mass in his gut drop forcefully into his rectum, pushing brutally against his sphincter. His bladder felt like an overfilled water balloon, sending desperate signals to his brain that it needed release. He was caught between ecstasy and mortification; this was part of his ultimate fantasy, something he couldn’t have scripted under ideal circumstances, yet, despite the fact that his roommate had already fouled himself onto the younger man, he was bound and determined to try his best not to reciprocate, the embarrassment of the act almost too overwhelming to consider.

So he struggled with every ounce of strength he possessed, fighting the rapidly increasing urges mightily. He was struggling fiercely, squirming and bucking as much as the bonds would allow, when he felt a stiffness pressing against him. His buddy was springing a boner! He chalked it up, not to being turned on by the situation, but to morning wood, combined with the struggling lad’s torso rubbing against his stinky roommate’s ample member.

He couldn’t hold out anymore. With a stifled moan, he released his leaking bladder, spraying strongly through his slacks onto his friend’s chest, his ass blasting stench up the bigger guy’s nostrils as the load contained in it pushed his anal ring open, forcing its way through his butt cheeks, pressing against the colorful satin boxers and bulging the black polyester slacks towards the face of his best friend. He was gasping and grunting, his face reddening as he was forced to bear down against the growing load, forcing it into the tight confines of his snug trousers.

As his accident unfolded, he felt the hardness pressing against him began to pulse as the body restrained against him shuddered, BigBri climaxing into his soaked jeans. He heard a muffled moan from the region of his overfilled seat as the grungy dude finished shooting, the trembling slowly subsiding.

They lay there for a few moments, exhausted; spent after their humiliating ordeal. The brief rest gave Brian the renewed energy to begin the struggle to free them from their bonds, the beefy man tugging at the tape with renewed strength. Richard pulled half-heartedly at the binds around his wrists, just enough to give the impression that he was also trying to get free, something completely opposite of the way he truly felt. In all honesty, he could have remained there forever, this experience custom written by fate. He knew that once they were free, this experience would only exist in his memory, never to reproduce itself again, so he relished in every second he could squeeze out, hoping that it took forever for the smelly guy to break free.

It did take a while before the rugged construction worker was able to break free from the unyielding tape, almost 45 minutes. Freeing his right hand, he reached into his front pocket, extracting the folding knife he always kept there, making quick work of the tape around Richard’s thighs and ankles, as well as what held his remaining hand and the younger man’s hands tightly to his body. Passing the knife to the younger guy, he ripped the tape from his mouth, spitting out the rancid socks and gasping fresh air.

“Buddy, Buddy, you all right”! Brian yelled to the lithe man extracting himself from his binds. Richard had cut the tape around the larger man’s legs, undoing the tape around his own mouth and spitting the foul socks out. “Yeah, man, I’m okay,” he replied weakly. Unwinding from each other, they struggled to their feet, trying not to squish the massive loads in the seats of their respective pants as they stood.

Facing each other awkwardly, hands on hips, they panted weakly, catching their first shit-free breaths, trying to calm down and relax after their ordeal. After a moment, Brian blurted out, “Dude, I am so sorry. You know I can’t hold it. Man, I didn’t mean…” It’s all right. I didn’t really do a good job of holding out, either,” the younger man replied, looking at his friend. “What happened happened. We can’t really do anything about it. Let’s not talk about it right now, okay.” Richard was humiliated, afraid that what had transpired had tarnished their friendship somehow.

He looked at his roommate. BigBri had this strange expression on his face, almost giddy, something very unexpected considering what they had just gone through. The big man commented, “You certainly seemed to enjoy it,” his grin growing bigger. The lean line cook flushed with embarrassment, realizing that his climax wasn’t unnoticed by the big thug. Leaning forward, he placed both hands on the bigger man’s chest, pushing forcefully as he replied, ” You did too, you perv!” “Yeah, I guess I did,” was the reply, the older man beaming even more.

Richard felt like he was in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” Nothing made any sense, Brian’s reaction was not at all what he would expect of someone who had been kidnapped, tied up and forced to humiliate himself in front of his roommate and closest friend. In the ensuing seconds of uncomfortable silence, he chalked it up to shock at their embarassing experience. Drawing a raspy breath, the young stud said, “Well, I suppose we should go up and see what they took, then clean up before we call the cops.”

Brian looked at him in a way Richard had never before experienced, his brown eyes twinkling. Shaking his head softly, he muttered softly, “Rich, they didn’t take anything.” “How do you know that”? Richard replied. ” I know we don’t have much, but…” The older man moved closer, grasping the bewildered youngster by the shoulders, repeating, “Rich, they didn’t take anything, trust me.”

The young man’s face registered confusion, as Brian yelled up the stairs, “Come on down here, y’all.” Footsteps bounded down the linoleum steps as two men, dressed entirely in black, clad in ski masks entered the room. Richard jumped as they came in. “What the f…” The smelly stud squeezed his shoulders in reassurance, motioning to the duo with his left hand. The two assailants removed their masks. It was Al and Cody, Brian’s two best friends.

The young man shook his head in confusion. He felt like Alice in Wonderland. His whole reality was turned upside down. Looking at them, he stuttered, “You…you did this? Why? I don’t understand…” Cody looked at Al, then at Brian grinning openly. He turned to the young man and said, “I think this guy can explain this better than I can,” motioning to the stinky Wrangler clad stud still clutching the young man’s shoulders.

Brian grabbed Richard’s head, turning it towards his own. “I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say, okay?” Staring into the hypnotizing brown eyes, the young man nodded weakly. “I was over at these guys’ house a few weeks ago, when you were at work. We were fucking around on the computer when we found this website, one that caters to people that like to have…accidents.” He looked into Richard’s suddenly mortified eyes. The young man jerked away from his studly roommate, backing away as he felt his face turn bright red, the sting of the sudden blood-flow causing him to break out in a sweat. He buried his face in his hands. They KNEW! They knew it all. Brian continued…

“We found a profile from this town, that showed a face, and stories about your roommate, how turned on you were by him…” Richard was sobbing in total humiliation at this revelation. Brian walked over to him, reaching out and grabbing the young man, pulling him into a tight bear-hug. “Oh, no, man; don’t. It’s not what you think. Don’t you realize, we did all this for you.” The young man looked up at his buddy, confused, his eyes red. “I don’t get it. You did what for me”? “All of this,” the stud replied. “I don’t think you realize this, but those two…” he motioned to Al and Cody, “…aren’t just roommates. They’re a couple. They’ve been together, what, almost three-and-a-half years, right guys”? Al nodded, confirming to time frame.

Continuing, he looked deep into Richard’s eyes. “They have been pushing me to find someone, settle down. I’ve been telling them for the last year, ‘how can I go out on a date when the guy that I want more than anything is renting a room in my basement'”? The young man swooned as what he was just told registered in his brain. “Man, I am crazy about you,” the smelly construction worker confessed. “I never knew how you felt about me, until we found that website. By the way, I particularly liked the video you posted of sneaky shots of me followed by you wearing and jacking off in a pair of underwear I seem to remember having an accident in last year.” Richard blushed again as the older man shared.

“Anyway, we put this all together to show you two things; first that I want to share and explore this fetish with you; second I want you to not just be my roommate anymore. I’m asking you to move upstairs with me.” He delved deeply into his buddy’s eyes, looking for a response. A soft “fuck” came from the younger man’s lips. “I take it that’s a yes, then.” “Yes,” Richard replied weakly, as the older man leaned in, locking lips with the young line cook. He felt the supple lips against his, the scraggly beard scratching his face. It was all he had imagined it would be and more, the kiss more passionate than anything he had expected. He felt his hands running down the older man’s back, straight to the massive mound in the smelly Wrangler’s, the other man reciprocating, brushing his massive paws against the ample bulge in the black work slacks.

As they pulled apart from the passionate kiss, Cody exclaimed, “Finally, these two are a frigging couple. It’s about damned time, you two.” Brian looked into his new lover’s eyes and said sarcastically, “Now you can quit wasting all the spooge on the shower tile.” The younger man looked at his quizzically, stuttering, “How…how did you…”? “Dude, that shower curtain isn’t as opaque as you think it is. I got an every-day eye-full of that massive dick spraying on the tile.” The young man blushed at the revelation. “I was beginning to get jealous of those damned shower tiles. I couldn’t figure out what they had that I didn’t. Of course I didn’t know that it was me dropping deuce that was turning you on so much…until I saw that website. I just thought it was your normal routine to jack off in the shower. Let me tell you, there were many a mornings when I was beatin’ it right along with you on the crapper.”

“I never knew,” the youngster replied. “Yeah, the shower curtain isn’t see-through, at least from the inside. By the way, we have a retribution date.” Richard shook his head, not understanding what he was being told. “Next week, we are going over to these goons’ house…” he motioned to the two faux-burglars standing on the other side of the couch, “and we are totally kidnapping them and forcing them to have accidents in their pants. We’re going to film the whole thing and post it to…our…profile…” “Our profile. I like that.”

Richard said whimsically, “I kind of wish we had filmed this one.” “Oh, no,” was the reply. Looking deep into his eyes, the larger stud said softly, “this one was just for you and me. I have every faith in the world, however, that you can write a really hot story about it. I’ve read your stories. You can do this one justice.” I can, indeed,” the young man replied, locking lips with his lover again.

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