Tammy's Resort Accident Ch. 2

        This is chapter 2 continuing Rachel’s Accident Up North. This story is in Tammy’s point of view. I hope you enjoy it! 
        Tammy has left the gas station and is leading Rachel to the Walleye Waters Resort. Tammy is 132 lbs and has very shaped curves from her breasts to her butt. Her silk like blonde hair shines it the rays of the sun. She is wearing a tight fitting low cut pink T-shirt which exposes her well developed breasts which are just about ready to pop out of her shirt. Also Tammy is wearing grey leggings which cling to her ass showing her perfect curves and cameltoe. Tammy’s has a red thong on as well. 
        On the way to the resort Tammy feels her familiar urge from her bowels that she will need to release soon. 
        “Mppffh I haven’t had a bowel movement in 3 days. I need to find some toilets soon when we arrive at the resort” she thought.  
        Tammy starts leaning side to side in her seat as she navigates the rest of the way to the resort. Her stomach is really starting to bloat and bowels starting to groan in protest of being full for 3 days. 
        Tammy is sweating a little now as she feels her bowels shifting and her gurgling of her stomach start to worry her. She is only 3 miles away from her destination now and she really needs to go. 
       Tammy and Rachel successfully arrive and get their keys to their seperate cabin. Tammy’s cabin is small with only 3 rooms. She got the cabin for a great deal because it overlooks the lake and not the marsh! The tiny cabin has a half living room half kitchen, a small bedroom, and one bathroom including one small toilet (only 2 rolls of toilet paper), a sink, and a tub with a shower head.
        Tammy began unloading her suitcases and hauling them to her cabin. As she rolled her first trip of luggage Tammy felt a terrible urge to fart. “Oh I can’t let this one out Rachel will think I’m a slob of something. I need to hurry back to the cabin” she thought. 
        Tammy was nervously tucking her hair behind her ear as she clenched her buttcheeks together. She arrived and dropped off her suitcase mess free but she let out a juicy moist pre-poop fart rrrrrmmmpfffft. She felt her little red thong become damp from her mishap. “Oh I need to grab one last bag then I will use the toilet” she thought.
        Tammy hurried back to her car to try and grab another load of luggage. As Tammy closed her trunk her bowels groaned and lurched causing her tired anus to open. She was losing the battle and desperately needed her toilet. She hurried but stopped ubruptly as she felt her anus give and a massive start crawling out and pushing her thong out of the way. She slightly bent over ass pointing out freezing in shock and relief as 3 days worth of massive turds oozed their way out of her bowels and into her leggings. 
        After Tammy finally stood up properly she examined her damage. Her leggings looked like she had a melon squished in her buttcrack. Instead it was her warm oozing mess she just made. 
        Tammy waddled the rest of the way back to her cabin. “Mmm this actually feels kinda nice” she though gingerly touching her buldge. 
        She unpacked her belongings with her loaded leggings still on. The poop filling all her cracks and crevasses with every movement. Then Tammy slowly undressed letting her large boobs rest freely. She then slowly removed the shit filled leggings and dirty thong. Tammy flushed her poop down the toilet and hoped in the shower to rinse off. 
        She yelped as the cold water hit her breasts. Tammy eventually got used to the water and began cleaning up her naughty accident. “Oh what if Rachel saw me today? I wish I could have seen her squirm earlier today” Tammy thought. 
        She couldn’t take in any longer. Tammy reached down sliding her middle and index fingers in and out slowly of her pussy. “Mmmm mmm mmmph oh” Tammy moaned taking her other free hand and her other free index finger and delicately forcing it up her anus in and out. 
        Tammy now playing with Both ends laid sideways in the tub forcing her fingers faster and faster. “Mmm mm uh oh uh AAAh” Tammy squirmed. 
        She reached her climax thinking of her and Rachel’s desperation and accidents. 
        Tammy got out of the shower and got dressed and she wants to head over to Rachel’s cabin to discuss the days events. 
To be continued??
Ideas and comments are appreciated! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. great job. i see you took what i said to notice. love it. could be longer with maybe 2 accidents in it? wetting and pooping?

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