Tammy’s dream

Tammy had arrived home tired after a very busy day at work in the bank.Her boss had kept her working hard to get a special report out in time for the board meeting the next day,so Tammy was so pleased when it was time to go home.Then her drive home had been so long with traffic moving so slowly,but when she got home her friend Megan had already prepared their evening meal,so all she had to do was sit down and eat.They both ate well and after Megan cleared away all the dishes,she sat with Tammy on the couch and they watched some tv.As they watched,Tammy let her thoughts wander as her head nodded and she began to fall asleep,dreaming of her hectic day at work.Now she was back at work again,in her dreams,and her boss was standing in front of Tammy’s desk smiling.For a boss,Amy was much better looking than the usual idea of a boss;she was tall and slim with black hair,long legs covered with nice pantyhose,aged 33 and married.Amy liked to wear a thong instead of panties,so there was no panty line visible on her cute ass when viewed from the rear with her tight skirt hugging her figure.In her dream Tammy heard Amy tell her that she was invited to a party at Amy’s home and she could bring along her friend,Megan.The party was to be held on Saturday evening and it was just casual dress,and they would have a barbeque out in the back garden.Tammy accepted and was pleased to hear that her own PA girl was also coming,as she was a really nice looking girl.In dreams time has a habit of jumping,and it did now as suddenly it was Saturday and they were all at the party in Amy’s garden where her husband was performing as the chef.It was hot evening so the drinks were cold,and everyone was drinking a lot as the evening rolled on.Tammy noticed that the pieces of chicken had been sitting out in the heat since they had arrive a while ago and she was rather worried they might have been out too long,so she decided that her and Megan would eat the burgers which had been kept in the fridge in the kitchen.They really enjoyed the burgers too.served with nice sauce and they ate three each so were filled up after that,and just enjoyed more drinks.Amy and her husband and Tammy’s PA girl had chosen the chicken with hot barbeque sauce and coleslaw and they seemed to really enjoy it all.

As all the food was eaten and the fire allowed to go out they all settled down to chat and enjoy all the drinks in the lovely garden,where the time just did not matter any more.At some late stage in the party it was decided that a few games would be great fun,and so it happened that Tammy found herself tied by her ankle to her boss,Amy for a three legged race round the garden,while Megan was connected to Tammy’s PA girl,who was a very sexy looking girl which pleased Megan as they each held the other with an arm round the waist of the other.Amy’s husband was tied to one of their lady friends who was staying with them for a few days.By the time they started their race they had all consumed a lot of the drinks and were now unsteady on their feet,which was not helped by being tied together at the ankles.They started off with their race staggering a lot and having to really hold onto each other just to stay upright,due to the effects of the drinks.Tammy had not gone more than a few steps before Amy stopped suddenly and announced that she needed to poop;it seemed that something she ate had not bees as good as it tasted.At that point it see,ed like everyone had the same thought as now Tammy’s PA girl and Megan also found that their bowels were complaining,quickly followed by husband and lady friend,while Tammy herself found that she was experiencing stirrings within her.Maybe it was not just the chicken that had been out too long but the coleslaw and the burgers as well.This was going to be quite a problem for them as there was only one toilet to be fought over by six desperate poopers who were still all tied up.As a plague of cramps hit them all in the same moment,making them afraid to move,Tammy suggested they all sit down and get the ankles free of their ropes so they can walk.Now since it was all casual wear they all were wearing slacks with a T shirt on top,as they sat on the warm grass struggling to get loose of their bonds.Tammy felt a strong urge hit her and her panties felt suddenly damp as they began to fill up with some really soft poop,making her feel embarrassed being tied to her boas,the lovely Amy.Meanwhile Amy was having problems of her own,as under her slacks she was wearing her favorite thong which certainly was not going to hold any poop that escaped from her cute ass.One toilet for six people was not going to work.Husband came up with a solution. He reasoned that since only one person could use the toilet there was no point in there being any panic,as five of us were going to get messy,and we were all close to losing our poop anyway,so why not leave the bathroom free for us to clean up in later and all of us just accept that we were going to be having an accident together.Much as that thought worried some of the group,it seemed like a great idea to Tammy and Megan who quite enjoyed getting messy after pooping in their panties anyway,so they drunkenly agreed it was a great idea,as Tammy pushed and completely filled her panties to overflowing right beside Amy who was now also losing her battle to now poop herself;that thong did not hold much at all,as all her poop flowed round it and filled her slacks as she sat giggling at herself.

Husband seemed to take this as a signal and now he just relaxed as his pants filled with a loud gurgle,followed closely by lady friend,Megan and PA girl.Now they were all sitting in the garden on the grass with their pants filled with some really soft smelly poop.Tammy with drink fueled bravery suggested then that since they were all now pretty messy,why not get really messy and play a bit with the situation,turning it into a real orgy of poop and sex,as she turned to Amy and began to press her hands on Amy’s ass spreading Amy’s soft poop all over where it had not reached before.Amy joined in and pushed Tammy’s poop all over her ass,making sure her pussy also got well covered as hers was now under her poop.Megan and her companion thought ,”well why not” and they both began to spread each other’s poop any place it would go.Lady friend looked at husband and smiled as he reached for her ass and began to spread her poop too so she left her thoughts of propriety some place else and joined in too pushing lots of his poop up in front of him which made him instantly aroused as his penis popped up so fast and hard that her smile got wider as her own poop was now being pushed over her pussy by his hands.Within seconds now everyone was getting into the spirit of the game;much better than three legged races,and now slacks were being pulled off as husband’s arousal spread even faster than the poop.He pulled off lady friend’s pants to reveal a very cute poop covered ass with poop covered pussy that was just asking for his penis to be thrust inside,which he did as she lay back with her hands on his ass pulling him in further.Megan looked at PA girl and they shrugged as each pulled off the others slacks and started stroking hard at the other’s lovely pussy,fingers going inside and clits being rubbed hard as moans of pleasure filled the garden;thanks goodness it was not too close the the house next door and had a high fence round it.Now Tammy and Amy looked at each other and Amy reached out for Tammy’s belt which she loosened in a second as Tammy loosened hers and they pulled off two more pairs of slacks revealing Tammy’s poop covered ass and Amy’s nice tight ass with useless thong lost in the sea of poop.Thong and panties were removed and thrown into the bushes as Amy and Tammy’s bushes were stroked and again fingers disappeared into pussies as two more groaned in ecstasy as now everyone was flying at 10,000 feet and climbing as they forgot everyone else except their partners in poopy sex.Ecstatic moans were mingled with heavy breathing as all six were heading fast toward a mighty climax,and as husband shot his load of cum into the hot pussy of lady friend she exploded in a loud strong orgasm,only second ahead of PA girl,Megan Tammy and Amy.Now all were satisfied with the best party they had ever attended,as they made their way inside the house toward the bathroom,not singly but two by two so they could hep each other enjoy the task of cleaning up each other,perhaps to enjoy more sex with out the added fun of poop.Eventually all were restored to being clean ,though their clothes were trashed it had been worth it all.Amy found some clothing for those who had to still go home,not perfect fits but nobody was too worried about that small detail.

Tammy was muttering some strange words that Megan could just not understand,as they sat together in front of the tv set.Megan shook Tammy gently and she woke up with a start saying,”Where are my poopy panties?” Megan asked Tammy what she meant as Tammy sat upright and then realized that it had all been a wonderful dream.She told Megan all about it and vowed that she would never look at Amy in the same way as she had before at the office.

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