Tammy's Double Desperation Ch. 4

This story takes place the day after Rachel’s nightmare. It is set in Tammy’s POV. Enjoy!
Tammy woke up just in time to spectate the sunrise over the tree-line and the glistening lake. She yawned and sat up in her bed. Tammy had dreamt about comforting Rachel and cleaning up her smooth, soft, and perfectly rounded ass. Tammy’s pussy moistened a little with just the thought of Rachel. 
        Tammy crawled out of bed and went to the kitchen to start cooking a special breakfast wearing only her underwear. “Whoa am I starved! I mustn’t have had enough for dinner!” She thought. 
        Tammy cooked up 2 eggs, 5 pancakes, and multiple slices of fresh bacon followed with multiple cups of milk. (All of these items get things moving 😉 she finished her breakfast and went to go get dressed. Tammy is planning to go for a hike on a trail just outside the resort in the forest. 
        Today she decides to wear a powder blue tank top (without a bra), yellow bikini cut panties (very snug fitting), and her favorite black yoga shorts which barely cover her ass and hug her smooth curves very well. Tammy smiles at her self as she admires herself through the mirror. “I feel a little naughty without a bra on today. I hope there isn’t anyone on the trail today!” Tammy thought as she left her cabin heading for the trail entrance.
        Tammy arrives at the trail and the sun is shining brightly at 10:30 on her silky blonde ponytail. She studies the trail and takes a brochure which has a small map within. 
        As she starts her hike she notices that there isn’t any toilets on the entire trail. Tammy continues hiking and remembers how much she enjoys the sights and calm feeling it brought her from when she would hike in the past. 
        As Tammy hikes along a thin dirt and rocky trail she begins to get a slight wegie from her panties. This causes her buttcrack to sweat and become uncomfortable. She has to stop and readjust her yellow (now damp with sweat) panties every now and then. 
        She now realizes this could be the least of her troubles as Tammy notices her bowels start to grumble. She also feels her bladder begin to fill from all the milk she drank with breakfast. “Oh I shouldn’t have ate all that beacon and syrup on my pancakes. They really almost act like laxatives for me!” She thought cursing herself for not thinking. 
        Tammy checked her mini map which she measured that she was only a third of the way through the trail. Tammy figured she could just continue her hike and not worry yet so she can enjoy the trees and the sounds of nature. 
        By now the sun was fully shining down and causing Tammy to sweat causing her panties to stick between her buttcheeks. Her chest is sweating too causing small patches to appear over her nipples. Tammy is now regretting her wardrobe choices for the hike. 
        As Tammy walks the trail her situation becomes worse. Her bladder has swollen outward which pushes her yoga shorts and panty waist bands out creatiing a slightly more annoying wedgie up her butt. She also lets out a few low rumble sounding per-poop farts. The area of her panties on Tammy’s anus is damp from sweat and now stained from her moist farts. She needs to release soon. 
        Now Tammy unable to sit still, checks the map which shows that she is about two thirds to where she started. Tammy has given up on sight seeing and is now worries about not having an accident. Her aching bladder can’t hold out much longer and she squirms and crosses her legs as she hikes. Tammy stumbles apon a tricking stream which runs parallel to the trail for about 10 meters. The sound causes her to shiver and grab her pussy to stop anything from coming out. “No not yet! I really gotta go now! I’m almost t-there.” Tammy whimpers. 
        As she tries to continue walking she stumbles over a rock which causes her bladder to leak squirting a warm shot of peedown her leg. Tammy cannot stop her tired bladder as the trickle becomes a stream and Tammy still legs crosses wetting herself on the trail. 
        Her panties and shorts are all soaking wet. Now Tammy just needed to finish the hike and get back to the cabin to poop and clean up. Tammy is still letting farts escape her tiring anus and her bowels and stomach are groaning and gurgling in protest. She has a day plus a huge breakfast worth of food pressing against her anus as she hobbles along. 
        Tammy arrives at the start of the trail and nerviously brushes her hair behind her ear as she spots hikers entering the path. “I hope no one finds my puddle” Tammy thought naughtily what someone’s reaction would be if they found her accident. 
        She was closing in on her cabin when Tammy felt her bowels lurch and a loud fart followed by the shifting of her breakfast wanting to be released. She is shaking as she opens the door and is about to relieve herself when her cell-phone rings. It’s Rachel. “Umm h-hello Rachel how a-are you?” Tammy stummers not wanting to ignor her friend. 
        “Oh I’m fine thank you. How is your day going so far Tammy?” Rachel replies. Tammy can’t hold it much longer with one hand in her buttcrack and the other holding the phone. She is scared that her 28 year old self will have another accident. “My day has been full of adventure! Can I call you back please?” Tammy says politely farting again and shifting nervously. 
        “Actually I was wondering if you wanted to go swimming now and watch a movie tonight when it’s supposed to storm?” Rachel asked. 
        “Umm y-yeah sounds great Rachel thanks! Lov-uh…see you bye!” Tammy stummers phew that was close! She hangs up the phone and as she heads for the bathroom one last fart escapes her moist anus followed by large, thick, knobby turds which force their way into her panties. As the poo continues to crackle and slide into her panties, a huge buldge is created which sags and reveals some of Tammy’s asscrack. Tammy stands in shock as she realizes that she shit her panties again. “Oh no…no not again she sobbed and more poop oozes its way up toward her vagina. “I was so close too. If only Rachel could have scene me do it” she thought. 
        Tammy entered the bathroom removing all her clothes but her panties. She felt carefully around her buldge and she realized how much she was becoming turned on by this.  Tammy sat down on the toilet lid and the poo slowly filled all the crevasses of her butt. She rocked back and forth slowly massaging her sweaty breasts slowly…then quicker…and quicker…reaching a hand into her messy pussy ribbing herself faster…”oooh whooh mmmh mmmmh uuh uuuuh mmmmmnnh ah oh” Tammy moaned. Rocking and massaging faster and faster! “Oh god yes!!” She squeals. 
        Tammy came all over the toilet lid and she laid back gasping for air and biting her lip and smiling as she thought of Rachel later would turn her on again. 
        She realized that she will be late to the beach, “but Rachel would understand” Tammy thought with a smile 🙂 
        Well I hope you all enjoyed the story! This will be continued! Please comment your thoughts and rate! Thank you for your time and for reading 🙂     

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