Tales of Shameless Shitting -Part 4

He shifted back and forth on his feet tugging at the stuck gun belt, a grown man nearly in tears with the need to expel a building load of gassy diarrhea. He clenched his eyes shut, his moaning becoming higher pitched and then he gave up. With a seemingly involuntary jerk his brain threw his ass back, he bowed his legs let go. It was a wet farting gush of shit that filled the back of his pants, an uncontrollable force that soaked through the blue pants almost at once. He stood in absolute humiliation, willing the load not to move down his legs. He was crying softly now, his head down, his hands working slowly without effort to get the belt undone, of course without the pressure, it popped open immediately adding  insult to injury.  Both Steve and the German sat trying not to look, but it was like a car accident, the handsome middle aged cop standing in shame in a cloud of stink, feeling the hot shit around his balls and ass crack, and being observed by two other men.

The cop was in shock and seemingly unaware of what to do next. He reached for , but where would he begin? Steve couldn’t take it anymore, “Officer do you need a hand?” Steve looked to the German and gave him a nod that suggested they wipe their own asses, belt up and help this guy out in his moment of need. The cop was coming to from his moment of darkness. “Do me a favor and lock the door so no one else comes in. If you lock it from the inside and bolt it, no one else can get in, not even the cleaning staff, but they don’t come in until ten at night. Also there is a “Closed for cleaning” sign in a pocket beside the door on the wall.” Steve and the German finished up with their business and then did as the cop had asked. “The door at the end there” he said pointing to a door at the far end of the toilet room, “That is a utility closet with a sink, a hose and a floor drain, see if it is unlocked for me” The German turned the handle it opened. He turned the light on and waited for the cops next move. “Just got to get over there without moving the stuff in my pants around too much.” He said, letting another ripping fart bubble into the mess in his underwear. He had no shame now. Steve stood near the guy, he stunk and the load in the cops pants was sagging at his ass now, ready to dislodge from his underwear at any second. The cop took one waddling step and then another, but the load wasn’t staying put. The cop moaned again as the leg elastics parted from his thighs and the shit ran down his legs, plopping  on the floor as he made his way to the closet. More insult. “Let’s get your pants off” Steve said, then we can get you near the sink and you can hose off. There is also handsoap in a bottle on the shelf, you can use to clean with.”. The officer undid his pants and slowly bent over pushing the soiled pants down his legs. Another fart and some more waste exited his hole with a squirt.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the underwear and pants, I still have to get home” The pants were obliterated with shit as was the underwear, he managed to get his shirt tails out of the way so everything up top was clean. His socks came off and then his underwear, he slid it down slowly revealing a beautiful athletic smooth ass smeared in his shit. Another involuntary fart. “Give me your shirt” The German said, taking in the mess that clung to the man’s low hanging testes  and tiny penis – tiny from fear and shame but perhaps not from genes. He stood naked now over the drain in the floor. Steve handed him the soap, The German turned on the water, and the two retreated to leave the cop to clean himself up. “What are we gonna do with his pants? The German asked. “Clean them in the sink once he is done, then we can dry them with the in the other room by the sinks, I saw it when I came in.” The German nodded, “Good plan. Nice to help the guy out”. Steve grinned, “Plus that was kind of hot, seeing that” The German widened his eyes and nodded a resounding yes. They gingerly carried the pants and underwear to the sinks in the other room, removed the cop’s cel phone from his pocket and gave them a preliminary rinse. The water was hot and the mess was easy to rinse away.

After about twenty minutes the cop was done. Steve went back to the closet to find him standing them naked, clean and naked. His penis had relaxed to a fat state under his thick glistening dark  bush that had probably never been trimmed. “Now what?” he asked, still whirling in shame. “You can dry yourself off in the next room under the hand dryer, we will clean your pants and underwear and then we can dry them under the dryer for you.” The Cop looked at Steve, his eyes almost welling, “You are two very kind men, thank you” Steve waved his hand nonchalantly, “No problem. I once did the same thing myself waiting in a full men’s room for a stall.” The cop patted him on the shoulder and walked buck naked into the next room, pushing the dryer on and standing near the spigot to dry himself. He manoeuvred his cock and balls so they dried, turned and pulled his ass cheeks part and dried them. He lifted his arms to reveal thick black fur. The German joined Steve in the closet and the two set to with the aid of rubber gloves to clean the pants and underwear and socks. They heard the cop continuously push the dryer on. The soap was lathering well and the fabric coming clean. Once they were done, they wrung the fabric and turned to head to the dryer. When they turned they saw the Cop sitting on the toilet naked, struggling with another bout. The dryer shut off and the roar of his noise was replaced with a cacophony of wet farts and groaning. The cop had his cel phone in his hand. “Gonna call my son to come and get me, he has my car today”. The cop grimaced and farted again, dialling and putting the phone to his ear. Steve and the German waited until the call was over before drying the pants. “Come and get me now. Had an accident at work. No I am fine nothing like that. No the other kind of accident.  The kind you had after drinking too much at that party. Yeah that kind of accident.” The cop hung up and the guys started the dryer. The fabric was getting drier by the minute. Every time the dryer switched off they could hear the cop struggling with wet farts, they echoed in the tiled room. It took about twenty minutes but they were done, dry enough for a warm day.

The cop was finally wiping up, slowly, rubbing his raw chapped hole gingerly with soft moans. Steve and the German got the closet stowed away and washed up one last time.  As they turned off the faucet they heard a knocking at the door. “Probably my son” the cop said from the other side of the wall, “Check first”. Steve went to the door, and yelled, “Hello”. “Is my dad in there?” came the husky voice. Steve undid the bolt and lock and opened the door. There stood a man in his very early twenties who could only be described as the all American Man. He was six feet, broad, dark hair, athletic looking. An obvious College Frat boy type, sure of himself and almost swaggering in a friendly way. A man at ease in an all male environment. “Come in” Steve said, bolting the door once again as if allowing the man entrance to some sort of secret shit party. “I’m in here” the cop called. The boy swaggered into the other area, Steve and the German following. “There he is my good old dad doing what he does best” “Ah pipe down” the cop said, wiping his ass. “I’m used to him on the shitter, my old man.” It’s been a house full of guys since my mom died so he tends to be a little loose about the bathroom door rule.” The son chuckled. The cop stood up padded over to where his shirt was hanging and started to get dressed. Steve brought the dry pants and underwear. “Nice set-up” the son said looking around,  “Just like college-you all  encourage one another on days when the going is rough” Steve and the German agreed, unaware of what was to happen next. The son kind of lifted his left and ripped out a fart. “Traffic is bad dad, take your time. While I’m here I will try and have myself a good old dump” The cop moaned, “This kid shit 12 times a day, I don’t know where it all comes from.”. The cop stood naked from the waist down, his floppy cock and balls bouncing as he moved, “Put it away dad” the son chuckled undoing his own belt and farting again…

To be continued

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  1. Cant we have a good story where a guy holds it in till it eases and goes back in again? How about some really continuous desperation and control. All stories here just letting it out 🙁

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