Taking Out The Garbage

The night air felt great as I walked out the side exit of the house to take the garbage out. The city streets were filled with people leaving the theaters and play houses. I suddenly remembered I didn’t have my keys on me, and as I turned around to try and catch the door from closing on me. I can’t believe it I have to wait for the neighbor to get home so I can get in the front door. I hadn’t taken a good crap in two days, and now is when my ass decides to speak to me. I was only wearing jean cut offs a tank top and slippers. I knew if I stood out on the sidewalk any longer I would surely shit my pants. I knew the theater was still open, and I might make it to their bathroom. The theater was only about half a block away, and my ass did not want to cooperate. I made it to about twenty feet from the door, when a turtle head started poking out of my ass. It felt solid enough where I thought I could just fart and relieve the pressure,,, was I wrong ! As I stood there farting a solid log came slowly out of my ass and into my jean shorts.I knew the shorts were tight enough to hold in a solid log but if it came out soft I was in trouble. just my luck the solid turned to pudding. There I was in front of a Broadway theater shitting myself with no shame. The pudding didn’t start dripping down my leg as I waddled back to my place. I seen the neighbor and made a dash to the door before it closed. Lucky for me I still keep the key under the doormat, and made it in my place before the place got messy. I had such a massive erection I jumped in the shower shorts and all and yanked my crank as hard as I could, I came within seconds. The shorts clean up took a bit, but wow what a feeling !!

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