Taking a piss with Jay (true story)

I remember a time back in highschool when me and my friend Jay were in Maths class. We were halfway through a lesson and then Jay said to me, “Oh shit man. I’m like, you know.” he indicated his trousers (pants, if you’re an American) there was a small but visible wet spot between his legs. I asked him if he “had to go” and he nodded. I told him to ask the teacher. He said “No, you’re coming with me.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I sighed and raised my hand. “Yes, Dominic?” said my maths teacher. I explained to my teacher that me and Jay had to use the bathroom. The teacher said “Go”, and me and Jay quickly walked down to the boys’ bathrooms, even though I didn’t really need to go myself, Jay just wanted me to come with him. Jay stepped into a cubicle when we reached the bathroom. “Alright. Should I wait out here or..” I said. “Nope, Dom. In with me!” Jay said. I really, really didn’t want to do that, I said no. He just pulled me into the cubicle with me. Jay pulled down his trousers. I saw his undies. And then… there goes the undies. I was really.. I don’t know! But it was awkward. Jay began pissing in the toilet and the pee-pee trickled on for at least 30 seconds before stopping. Jay didn’t even wipe. He said “your go” to me, expecting me to pull down my trousers and undies and pee like him. I said “OK” and pulled down my undies (and trousers of course, dummy) sat on the toilet and squirted a little tinkle out. I pulled up my (you know, it’s boring to keep calling em trousers. I’ll call em pants this time) pants and underwear, left the cubicle and went back to Maths, pretending nothing weird had happened. I left Jay behind…

That’s the end of this story.

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