Synchronized pooping

On Saturday Sally and I got up excited.We were going to poop our panties at the same time as a friend of ours on facebook,her name is Teresa.We had agreed that we would all go to our biggest grocery store at the same time,allowing for time zones,and would poop at approximately the same time.Mom had said she would join us too,so our time in Utah was to be 1pm,a bit later than when we usually shop on a Saturday.It was going to be quite hot so we all chose to wear our regular cotton panties with loose fitting skirts,so that would mean there would be no bulge showing as would happen with pants.

To be sure our poop would be nice and soft we each took some liquid stool softener after breakfast at almost 10am,knowing that it would work at 1pm to give us each a lovely soft mess in our panties.We each chose good snug fitting panties that would not let any leak out and be noticed as we walked round the store.
As extra protection we wore tights to support our panties and keep our poop inside our panties.Now we were set to go and relaxed with a coffee before we left home at mid day to drive to Harmons grocery store in North Ogden with our grocery list.

We took mom’s car as it has more space,also plenty of plastic bags to cover her seats,and at 1235 we parked outside Harmons in a space not too close to the doors so we could enjoy the pleasure of walking to the car and feeling our soft poop spreading with each step.Taking our time we strolled into the store and already we could feel slight stirrings within us as the softener began to work its magic.Nothing urgent yet,so we had time to slowly pick out items that we wanted for our weekend eating.Time passed quickly as we shopped and soon I noticed that it was just a few minutes before 1pm,our time to join our friend Teresa in pooping.

Our shopping was done now so we walked together to the checkout furthest from the door.Mom checked out the shopping while Sally and I walked through and looked at the notice board with adverts of things people were selling.As we stood there I felt that inner stirring more urgently and it was 1pm now so I nudged Sally gently and gave a gentle push to start my poop on its journey into my panties.Sally smiled and I could tell from her happy face that she too was feeling movement of poop into her panties.We stood there relaxed and felt soft warm poop touching panties and slowly the mound of poop grew larger and larger.It was so lovely to feel it begin to spread as more came out and my bum slowly got covered making me feel so horny that I was tempted to push it with my hands and spread it all over me,but as that would look strange I resisted and waited for mom to pay.

By the time mom was done paying Sally and I had filled our panties nicely and I could feel my warm poop slipping over my pussy,which makes me almost orgasm without touching myself.Mom pushed the shopping cart past us and smiled that satisfied smile that told us she had filled her panties too.Now we all walked slowly out of the store and across the parking lot to our car.We walked normally which let our soft poop be spread with each step,slipping over our pussies and being spread as we pressed our legs together as we walked.We got to the car and loaded the groceries into the trunk and then gently sat in our seats which we had covered when we got out of the car so they would be ready for us to return,

It felt so lovely to sit on that soft warm mess and feel it squirting up behind me and in front of me inside my panties.Now inside the car and not so easily seen,I rocked back and forward and got my hand between my legs to rub my pussy and withing seconds it seemed I was gasping as a wonderful orgasm exploded into my messy panties.Mom and Sally were rubbing too and it did not take more than a few minutes until they too were gasping and groaning in pleasure as they too orgasmed,grinding their bums into the seats.

Out skirts would be well messed up now of course,but our garage is one that you can drive into and close the door before you get out of the car,so that did not matter.Now I felt a great need to pee,so I did not try to hold it and just let my bladder relax.It started as a gentle trickle and soon grew to a flood which made a pool in my panties at first then it mixed with the poop and made a great warm soft mess which I started to rub again,this time pushing it up in front until the softer poop spread onto my belly as I pushed it out of the top of my panties and into my T shirt.It was wonderful to feel the warm poop on my belly and I just kept rubbing until my tits were also covered with poop.It was starting to show through my T shirt now but I did not care as I kept rubbing and it made me orgasm once more as mom started to drive.

The drive home was the best drive I have enjoyed for a long time as I moved in my seat to feel the slippery mess moving over my pussy at every corner. Soon we were home and as the garage doors closed we got out,leaving the doors open,and went into the house.We headed straight for the shower room,kicking off our shoes,which were that only clean things we were wearing.We took of our watches and left them on a table and walked into the room fully clothes.We did not turn on the water right away,but held each other close and pushed the poop in each others panties to spread it more and soon all three of us were gasping once more as our orgams hit again.Only now did we turn on the water and start to undress each other under the spray,throwing our clothes in a pile in the corner as we got naked and helped clean the others,each one rubbing the other two as they rubbed us.It was a lovely experience as we cleaned up and came out to get dressed in fresh clean clothes.Our dirty clothes which we had cleaned roughly as we washed we now in the washer being cleaned ready for next time.

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  1. That was an amazing story. That was a huge turn-on. I masturbated as soon as I read that story.

  2. i know teresa. thats cool that u got to mess with her sort of lol

  3. Debbie, I’d loved to have watched the three of you go at it before you washed off. Also, I’d loved to have had the honour to lick and swallow some of that off of your lovely vulva before you got into the shower. Sweet girl you are! 🙂

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