Swimming acident…

The other day my girlfriend and i went swimming. I was wearing my tight speedo’s this particualr day. We’d been at the pool for over an hour when i really had to go. Id been constipated for a few days before and now i could feel a load waiting to come out. My stomach cramped as i swam to the side where the steps to get out were. My girlfriend was waiting on the side of the pool with my towel. I quickley wrapped my towel round my waist and we sped off to the nearest toilets, unfortunately to find a long queue outside the door. Anyway i couldnt wait, i was depserate to say the least. My girlfriend said she had a carrier bag and i should poop in that. We were in the family chaning room so we managed to find a cubicle to ourselves. I didnt get a chance to poop in the bag as my load filled my speedo’s so quickley and it just kept on coming. After about ten minutes it had totally stoppedbut the complete back and front of my speedo’s were covered. My girlfriend thought i looked terribly cute and thankgod she wasnt angrey with me. Instead she dropped her towel to reveal a huge bulge at the back of her swimming costume. She had become so turned on she too filled her pants, although her load was large it wasnt as big as mine. Anyway in our cubicle there was a baby changer on legs, and big enough for an adult to sit on. My girlfriend layed down and asked me to rub her between the legs, i smeared her poop all over her crotch, it was amazing, i was so hard, we actually ended up having sex on the changer. Afterwards my girlfriend pulled out of her bag two adult diapers, she had bought them with her as she knew i had acidents where ever we went and it was just a precaution. She asked me to put hers on first, i cleaned her bottom up and did as she asked. Then came my turn. She told me to keep my very full speedo’s on and lay on the changer. As i did i squishjed the poop everywhere, i was so turned on i ended up doing another load in my pants, so much that they were leaking, but it was ok as my girlfriend slid the diaper underneath and taped it around me. Walking out was the most embarassing thing id ever done though as it was obvious id pooped my self and was wearing a diaper, i really stunk and the bulge of the diaper between my legs totally gave it away. Needless to say i wont be going back to those swimming bathes in a while, but the day was fun i must admit 🙂

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