Swim Team Lockerroom

I was a swimmer on a club team at a young age. After practice, a few of my teammates and I used to run into the locker room to get warm under the showers. The pools at the community college we practiced at were outdoors and barely heated. I would seriously be shivering afterward. Often I would need to have a piss, but I was too lazy and shy to use the nearby urinal. Plus, I figured there would be no harm in doing it in my suit under the water. I just remember that I would usually slowly pee through my speedos while trying not to attract attention to myself. However, I could not stop watching my steady stream flowing through the top front part of my bulge, and running down the front facing away from the shower. The relief combined with the warmth and sneaky pissing was such a hot feeling. I suppose my “fetish” developed quite early from experiences like this. Sometimes I did this even while talking to other teammates. They were right there, but I don’t think anyone ever noticed. I always wonder if others did it too.

As far as pissing in the pool goes, a lot of swim coaches won’t let you out of the water during practice. Some openly tell you to pee in the water. As unusual as it sounds, it’s definitely not the grossest thing to contaminate the water. Sometimes, even if I am just laying in the sun at the pool, I will have to get in the water for the sole purpose of pissing.  Although if I am alone, I will sometimes just stand on the steps and pee standing with my bulge an inch above the water, or sit on the edge at let it trickle down.

I honestly think if any group of athletes pisses during their sport the MOST it’s gotta be swimmers, water polo players, divers, etc.

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  1. I’m not a sport swimmer but I swim almost every day and about pissing, I do it only in the sea, never in a swimming pool! If dozens of people do it in a pool… well it’s getting dirty!

  2. Nice to hear that it really happens that way … since very few people other than regular swimmers will consider that it is as common as it is … still the thought of a simple, little naughty act is very thrilling !! 😉

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