Sweet revenge

Martin had planned it for a long time, today, it was finally going to happen. This afternoon, he and Thommy would be in the park together and Thommy would have … issues. He did not forget what happened 2 years ago. Martin and Thommy were on a camping trip when Martin must have eaten something bad. He was gassy and, to make things worse, he shit his pants while he was sleeping. Instead of supporting him though, Thommy had nothing better to do than telling all his friends about it. Revenge was due. Actually it was a starting point for Martin. He began to experiment with all kinds of stuff, which made him gassy or get the runs. He loved it. And now Thommy had to suffer.

He planned it well and took everything he needed with him that tuesday morning. A plastic bottle of this chocolate drink Thommy loves so much and a bottle of Coke Thommy uses to drink during a school day. Right after the first lesson, he managed to exchange Thommy’s drinks with the special ones. Right on time, because right when Thommy came back, he was like “Need a drink!”, took out his chocolate drink, drank it right away and looked satisfied. Okay, bomb numer 1 planted. Without knowing, Thommy had ingested 50g of pure inulin, that fiber supplement that makes you gassy as hell, when you take too much of it – and 50g qualifies for that. The school day progressed without anything happening. During the noon break, Thommy happily ate some Pizza and downed the bottle of coke. Bomb 2 planted and ticking. With the coke, Thommy drank a bottle worth of a slow acting, yet powerful, laxative. When Martin saw him downing the stuff, he knew their afternoon would be one to remember.

School ended at 3 o’clock. Thommy headed out of the building right to his bike. On the way there he let out a series of farts. He could not help himself, but he really got gassy for some reason. It began during the last lesson. Maybe it was the pizza. He jumped onto his bike, rode home still ripping gas here and there, not thinking too much of it. Farting was fun, so why bother? He also did not have too much time, as he and Martin wanted to meet in the park. He just dropped his school bag and headed back to his bike, brrrrrrrrp, ripping another ripe big fart… “Thank god we meet outside” he thought.

Though Thommy did a lot of sports, he was not that typical, well trained guy you mostly see in sports clubs, because more than he loved sports, he loved food. Thommy was that kind of guy you immediatelly like when you first see him. He had a big round face that was always laughing. He was quite big, about 6 feet (1,82m) tall and weight about 220 pounds (about 100kg). You would not actually call him fat, but what you immediatlly recognized was his big, round, soft butt.

When Thommy arrived in the park, he was surprised to find Martin in basketball shorts. “Didn’t I tell you we wanted to do some streetball today?” Martin asked. “What?”, Thommy answered angrily, “you did not say a thing!”. “Course I did” Martin said smiling, because as Thommy shouted, a fart slipped out. “You’ll have to do it in those jeans then.”. “Well” Thommy laughed “as long as they do not rip.” knowing how tight his jeans have gotten recently. Martin was still smiling. So they started playing. Thommy acutally did quite well in terms of basketball. He did run into problems soon though. Martin could clearly see it in his face. Thommy’ always smiling face got a concerned look from time to time. Sure he already had a slight urge to go to the toilet right now. Though he was still farting from time to time, Martin was sure he could see Thommy clenching his butt cheeks every few minutes and those farts smelled like rotten eggs. “What the hell did you eat?” Martin asked.

“No idea”, Thommy answered, “have been gassy for hours”. Something was wrong. Why was he getting a stomach ache just now? prrrrtblrtblr. Uhh. Not only was he passing those rotten farts, every few minutes, he got a slight pain in his stomach, which rapidly subsided only to come again a little later. And it got worse. First it felt like he could manage but now he was not so sure any more. He still was gassy as hell but from the way his stomach felt, it was clear he was going to need a shit really soon and it would be a big good shit. But that was not possible now. What could he do? Maybe some rest would make his stomach settle down. “Mart, let’s have a drinking break!” he suggested. “Great!” Martin answered. Thommy immediatelly sat down, hoping his stomach would calm down. Martin offered him some of his water and Thommy immediatelly drank it. In retrospect, downing half a liter of water when your digestive system already is in a state of emergency might not have been the best idea.

Thommy’s stomach immediatelly began to gurgle like crazy and he felt pressure building. He tried to prevent it, he really tried, but without control, brrrrt blrtlrt brrrt brrrt, he let out a 10 second gurgling fart. Martin was staring at him and was like “Wow!”. “Sorry mate, I’m not feeling too good today!” he said. “Maybe we could call it quits here?”. “Just one more game!” Martin answered “Then we can go get something to eat, maybe you’re feeling better then”. “Ok” he answered regretting it the same moment. Could he survive one more game? He must try! Just this game and then he could visit the bathroom in the restaurant. Oh damn! His stomach was doing flip flops. He had this feeling before. He had to shit and now he knew it was going to be diarrhea. Actually he liked that feeling. From time to time he ate quite a lot of sugar free candy to come down with the runs. Then he was waiting till the last moment and then ran to the toilet. Once he did not even make it, because his brother was in the bathroom, but nobody noticed at the time. He was able to manage the cleanup without anyone’s attention. Others were not so lucky. He vividly rememberd poor Martin eating a whole pack of sugar free gummy bears and then shitting himself at night. That was fun, but now he was in trouble…. funny Martin was involved again… Damn he had to fart.. and he had to shit.

Thommy was standing on the field, holding his gurgling belly, his stomach was aching and cramping. Martin passed him the ball, he dribbled and began to head for the hoop. His stomach hurted. A cramp: brrrrlrtblbblb. It was the most releaving fart he ever had. One more step towards the basket… he sharted. He could simply not hold it any more. Immediatelly, he forgot about the ball and put his hands onto his butt as if it were possible to regain control that way. His face went bright red. Martin was in heaven. There stood Thommy in his tight jeans, holding his juicy, round butt, about to completely shit himself. It was only a matter of seconds. glrrrr, the gurgling in Thommys belly was even hearable meters away. Thommy tried to take another step, when he suddenly bent over. That moment, hell broke loose. Wet, brown, ugly pudding was filling Thommy’s jeans. What a feeling. It was hot, it was soft and as his jeans did not give it a lot of room, it went everywhere. Immediatelly, the back of his jeans showed a wet brown stain wich was growing and growing. The smell of diarrhea filled the air. Before anyone could even say a word, a 10 second fart bubbled into Thommy’s jeans. What could he do now? There was no hiding? There was no denying. Actually, it felt great.

“I might need a toilet”, Thommy said in a soft voice. “Don’t think you need that any more!”, Martin said grinning. “Now you know how it feels to shit yourself!”. He did. Wait a minute… “Now you know….”? That can’t be true? “You did something to me, didn’t you?”. Then he saw Martin sporting a boner. “And you like it don’t you? You pervert!”. “Well… eeeeehm….” Martin stuttered, but he then saw Thommy’s dick was hard too. “You too hmm?”. “Eeeehm…”. His stomach was gurgling again and he clutched his stomach. “Uh fuck… Well then”, Thommy said smiling like never before, “then you’ll like this!”. Having said that, a second wave of diarrhea shot into his jeans followed by a muffled fart none of them had heard before. The back of Thommys jeans was completely brown and diarrhea was even beginning to run down his legs. “Quick!” Martin said, “let’s go to the lake an clean you up before anyone sees us!”

From that day on, Martin and Thommy were having shit holding competitions every few months and not only one of their mates suddenly got unexplainable uncontrollable flatulence and diarrhea… but those are other stories to be told.

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