Surprised by Mike

It had been ten months since Malcolm and I had broken up and my mates thought it was about time that I started to get out again. They had been going on for a few weeks and this night I gave in and agreed to go to the local gay club with them. But after just a couple of drinks I tired of the club and their company and said my goodbyes. I picked up my jacket from the cloakroom and slipped out into the night air.

Across the road looking straight at me was a rather diffident looking guy. I figured that he was trying to pluck up courage to go into the club. He wasn’t my type – I tend to prefer the taller fair haired type, Mike, as I later found out his name was, is a little shorter than me and had distinctly dark features – deep brown eyes and prominent dark eyebrows. He seemed so ill at ease that I decided to have a quick word with him.

“‘Scuse me, you haven’t got a light have you?”

He looked flustered but spat out “No, sorry, I don’t smoke”

“Nah, neither do I, silly habit isn’t it?”

He looked quizzically for a moment and giggled like a six-year old.

“Fancy a drink?” I asked.

“Over there?” Nodding towards the culb and looking uneasy with the prospect

“Somewhere else if you like”

He named a local straight pub which I wasn’t particularly fond of but went along with the suggestion.

“What’ll you have?” I asked as we went in

“Half a pint of lager, please”

I ordered two half pints, but in the hubbub of the pub my order got confused and we ended up with a pint each. Mike looked at it uneasily but accepted it and started to drink. We chatted easily for a while until Mike excused himself to find the toilet. When he was away I noticed that our glasses were getting low so I ordered another round and two more pints soon arrived. Mike returned and didn’t look pleased to see the fresh pints on the bar. But not wishing to look ungrateful he manfully set himself to empty the fresh glass.

I offered him a lift home and after a moment’s thought he accepted. He told me where he lived and as it happened we were passing my house on the way to his.

“This is where I live, fancy a nightcap?” The possibility evidently excited him but he firmly answered “No, I really prefer my own bed!”

I though I must have offended him in someway, but as we approached his place he invited me in and, seeing that he needed company I agreed.

After a quick drink and a few uneasy preliminaries we were in bed together and enjoyed a session of pleasant if rather run-of-the-mill sex. As we finished I rather got the impression that Mike expected me to leave. When I explained that I had had too much by then to drive he looked rather awkward.

“There’s some this I must tell you” he blurted out.”It’s just that …, well you see … I, err”.

“Go on” I encouraged “It can’t be that bad”

“Well sometimes I … I snore”

“Snore? So?”

“No it’s really bad, you won’t sleep a wink and you’ll hate me”

“I’ll be fine, I sleep like a baby”

“Yeah, so do I” he concluded with resignation and a wry half-smile.

And I did. With Mike’s arms around me I slipped into a deep sleep and stared started to dream. I dreamed of this and that and then I was back in school having a shower after football. The shower grew more intense and I stirred and waking realised that I was being sprayed with warm water. Mike was pissing over me as he slept. I gave a start which woke Mike and realising immediately what had happened. He stated to blurt out apologies and I could feel that he was on the point of tears. Instinctively I hugged him and kissed his forehead as his piss was still playing on my cock and balls.

I had heard of water sports, of course, and read the occasional article in the gay press but never until now had it held any fascination for me. But feeling the warm stream on my genitals got me instantly excited.

“I suppose that you’ve protected the mattress?” I asked. He replied with a nod and a grunt. “See” I said “It’s no big deal” and I swung my body on top of his and as I did let out a thick stream of piss, soaking him. His relief was palpable and I could feel his tension fall away as he realised that not only that the bedwetting wasn’t a problem but a real turn on. We both regained our erections in an instant and had a much longer, intense sex session lying in each other’s piss.

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  1. Thanks for your comments pp and skidmarks. It’s nice know that someone’s read it at least.

  2. Very touching. I love the gentle way you deal with Mike’s uneasiness and embarrassment and how you show him it’s all OK. Very hot story.

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