Surprise Piss Budy

Last weekend I had a bi friend over that is kind of a punk rocker/skin head. It was made pretty clear that he was interested early in the night by getting right to the point. He’s a really cool guy but I had no idea he was interested in me. Sexually I also didn’t realize how subservient he was because as the night wore on, and so many hours of sex and Jacking off, I was finding it harder to keep up. At that point he said he’d do ANYTHING to keep me going and my response was to put our jeans back on (skinny) and keep his fly open. I have a vinyl futon couch, so I laid him back on with me on top, and put my cock into his jeans beside his dick. I then started to grind our bulges together and our dicks were both getting hard again. I asked him to concentrate on pissing and i waited till he let out the first small streams, and when he started to go full bore, I let my powerful stream go. He’d never done it, and he came first with me shortly their after. We laid there on the couch for a while, and him soaking up way more piss then me until he was begging me to fuck him again. Was a good weekend last weekend. First time in probably 5 years that I pissed and came with another guy.

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  1. I like the strategy of this story too……keeps hot sex open to the various possibilities to get things going again when they quiet down…nothing like doing it in a pair of jeans.

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