This is a little story of an event which gave me a thrill. On my way home from work I changed trains at a major station and had a while to wait. The lavatories had a couple of rows of cubicles facing each other. For some reason I usually went in the next to last on my right hand side. The locks on the doors weren’t reliable so I always had a screw in cup hook in my pocket which I screwed into
the door frame at an angle to prevent an intruder.
One particular day there was a young male infront of me (old enough) he wore blue jeans, black leather boots and a red Tee shirt with Saxon in bold lettering on the back. He looked very nervous and self conscious.
My mind raced ahead, would I be able to get the next stall, would I see his jeans on the floor as there was a big gap, would l hear the click of his belt buckle, would I hear him strain and a plop, would it smell, would I hear him pee afterwards and would I hear the lavatory paper?
All of these thoughts had my heart pounding and my cock dripping!
Well,he looked round,chose a door,put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some change, selecting the two coins needed to open the door,put the coins in the slot and turned the lock. He then pushed the door open and to his and my surprise there was this little old man with a white beard sitting there with his pants round his ankles.
The would be toilet user was obviously very flustered,
pulled the door to and made for the urinals. I had been hoping to go through with my plan to wank as I sensed him sitting shitting in the next cubicle,that was dead in the water now but I was very hyped all the same.I went into my preferred cubicle,secured the door and imagined him at the urinals not being able to pee because of his nagging bum,
a couple of strokes and I was there,in heaven.
I always wondered how the rest of his journey went.

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