So as you may know from some of my other stories, my boyfriend is well aware of my fetish and likes to use diapers himself, sometimes. But usually before I’m gunna do anything naughty like that around him, we plan it out in advance and i make sure he is OK with me pooping. Well, since I know he is always OK with it, I thought it would be fun to do it around him unplanned this time.

He had slept over and was waiting for me to make breakfast for him in bed. I felt a massive load coming and was trying super hard to hold it while I was cooking. I brought in our breakfast sandwiches and ate mine super quick.

Then I bent over in bed and started to kiss him. I said I might have an accident… He laughed and thought I was joking, “oh yeah?”. I said “yeah,” with a distressed look on my face. At this point, my load was practically ready to explode from my butt, so a tiny push was all I needed. I grunted and felt the huge sti stinker start to rocket out *crackle, bloort, farrrrt* a huge pile of solid poop sagged down my undies. My boyfriend’s jaw dropped and he was saying “Holy shit!”, “what the fuck!? ” I said ” sorry, you know I like to make potty in my pants”, and turned around, feeling my big poopy lump and moaning a bit as I pressed it against my butt. “is this alright?” I asked. “sure, I guess. What now?”

“well, we can still have sex this way”, I said. He was a bit confused but I explained that I could just pull my dick out of my undies and fuck him still. He was skeptical but me do it! He bent down in doggy position and I whipped my cock out of my undies. I was already hard as can be, and just needed to squirt a bit of lube on it. I stuck my dick into his butthole and started to bang him. I was so turned on as I felt the warm inside of his butt on my dick while I massaged my huge poopy load. It was still warm and stinking up the room. I breathed in deep, incredibly satisfied with my full pants and massive stink. As I felt the cum getting ready to shoot out of me, I pressed my poop onto my butt and felt the warm mess squish into me while I shot a massive cum wad into his butt

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  1. I’d love to be fucked by a guy who fills his underpants while he’s fucking me and if his bladder needs emptying too, he can fill my rectum with his piss. I have experienced receiving piss up my arse from a deeply inserted cock and I do enjoy it

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