Surfer boy

I went to the beach yesterday, a place where you can meet guys usually older guys.  I went there to see what I could see.  I saw this old guy about 68, and he was grabbing himself to let me know he was interested.  He spoke to me as I approached, and I spoke to him as well.  I saw this younger boy sitting on the bench, and he was wearing a wet suit.  I said hello to him and, asked if he had been surfing.  He said yes he had been surfing but had to stop.  He moved and showed me he had a huge hard on. I said WOW that was nice and he grinned shyly.  I asked him how old he was and he said 23 I said nice age too….

I said to him do you ever have to go to the bathroom when you are wearing that wet suit.  He said yeah I asked him if he ever went in it he said yeah I pee in it all the time.  I said what about pooping he said a few times by accident.  I was very excited and asked him how many times that happened he said a few times.  He was looking down and acting very strange with my questions. So I asked him if I was embarrassing him he said no then he said he actually pooped in now….. I said OMG that was great I said can I take you somewhere and help you clean up.  He said that would be great, so I took him to another more secluded beach where they actually had bathrooms.  We went in I helped him undress, and I said hold on I got down and started to suck his cock.  I said you don’t. Mind do you he said with a huge smile NO cool I sucked him as I smelled his sweet stink and he came in my mouth.
After I was finished I took his wet suit and washed it as he sat on the toilet trying to finish pooping.  I went in and finished wiping his ass and gave him his wet suit as I was helping him put it on our faces were together and he kissed me very erotically we ended up kissing for about 20 minutes it was great finished getting him dressed and we went back to the other beach.  We got out of my car went the board walk the same old guy was there.  The boy said thanks for everything and gave me another passionate kiss.  I am going to meet him next weekend again.

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  1. Ah oui, super … Je suis excité de savoir que les surfeurs pissent et font caca dans leur combinaison de surf !!! Je regarderai ces combinaisons à plusieurs reprises maintenant que je sais …
    Peux-tu lui demander s’ils le font tous ? S’ils pissent et font caca dans leur combinaison lors des compétitions ?
    Merci par avance.

  2. Wow! That’s great! ….and when I go to the beach I get eaten up by mosquitos and sand flies. 🙁 Life’s not fair!

  3. I always wondered if anyone would admit to pissing and dumping in their suits … now I know …

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