Superhero High

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Spiderman woke up, his stomach feeling a little more solid than usual. He rubbed his stomach as he looked at the clock. 8:30 AM.

“Oh shit, school starts soon!“ Spiderman gasped as he jumped out of bed and got ready for school. He took his morning piss, but decided that he would have to wait to take a shit. He put on his full body spandex suit and got his backpack read.

Midterms were today, and he did not want to be late.

The thing about this high school that made it different than the rest, is that this was a school for superheroes. This means that everyone attended class in full costume.

Get used his webs to swing from building to building, ensuring that he would be able to get to class without worrying about traffic. Thankfully, he got into class as soon as the bell started ringing, and sat down at his desk.

His teacher, a tall woman with stilettos, explained the test and started to hand them out. As she was handing them out, she told the class that the test was an hour long, and that they would have no bathroom breaks.

Spiderman got his test and started to fill out the answer, but within 30 minutes, his stomach started to grumble. To make matters worse, he was also starting to get gassy, but he knew that he was going to have to shit like a motherfucker soon. However, he knew he had to wait until the test was done.

Farts were escaping from his skin-tight clad ass, and his stomach could be felt churning. He was more than grateful when the bell rang, and he packed up to get ready for his next midterm.

He walked towards the bathroom, feeling his gut turning, but was aghast to find such a long line to it. Knowing he did not have time to wait, he walked to his next class.

This teacher, a stocky male clad in a tight suit in a cape, started to hand out tests almost immediately after they all sat down. Spiderman knew that he was in trouble, he could feel the shit starting to pack against his anus, and he was unsure if he was going to be able to make it the whole hour.

He wanted to ask the teacher if he could be excused, but he knew that he had to do well on this test. So he corked his anus and got to work on his test.

25 minutes in, however, and he knew he was in trouble. His stomach felt like it dropped, and the pressure on his anus started to build up exponentially. He clenched his ass and tried to continue focusing on the test.

His head started to sweat under the mask, and his stomach hurt. He knew he should not have eaten all that chinese last night.

He bit his lip, trying to fidget in the seats, but his slick suit just caused him to slide around. He was unsure if the pressure was from a fart or a massive pile of shit, and he did not want to risk it.

Trying not to moan, and glad that nobody could see his pained expression, he tried to keep the pressure in. He clenched, back arched and at attention, and legs pressed together, anything to keep it in. He did not want to shit himself, especially not as a superhero.

30 minutes left, and he was losing it. Despite his hold, the poop started to ooze out of his tightly clenched anus.

“nonono!!!“ whispered Spiderman, grunting to hold back the mushy pile of shit. “Not now, please not here!“

But his pleas wwere for nothing, and he exploded into his tights with a loud gassy crackle. The wet, mushy poop felt like it would not stop coming, and bulged out the back of his tight ass. With a few very loud farts, his innards finally fully emptied.

Spiderman sat there, the shit oozing down his legs and up his back, caking his manly cheeks. He felt so much better, but now realized that all eyes were on him.

“Well, Spiderman,“ the teacher said. “It seems like you had a bit of an accident“

The class laughed, and Spiderman was so embarrassed. The worst part is that he could not go home and change out of his clothes, as he had two more mid-terms left. This was going to be a year to remember.

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