I am wearing a super dry kids brand diaper and I filled it earlier with pee first then a large amount of poop. When I stand up it really hangs down . It’s all stained in the front with telltale signs that urine stained it. The back is the typical hang down bulge created when shit is in them. It was desperation pissing but the shit was a normal movement. I had to go and pushed it out like any other release. Grunt/ Push/ pullback in….repeating this until I feel it will be a fast drop. The fast ones always feel awesome falling into my diaper. That quick drop and then a heavy full mess back there. Piss and poop means baby…..getting changed means baby…wearing sdk diapers means baby.

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  1. SDK are one of my favourite nappies for the fact that they sag so much when I’ve dropped a full load in them!! Totally not at all discreet and that is what I like!! X

  2. The hanging down and the sagging is the best part of wearing them..especially if both #1 and #2 are in them at the same time.

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