Summertime stinky pants

I love the summer and all the nice warm weather that comes with it. The bonfires, camping trips and of course pooping my pants in the hot sun.

Growing up my parents owned a couple acres of land. I used to be the one to mow the lawn and usually I was home alone when I did it.

One time I remember eating an entire pizza and taking a bunch of laxatives the night before.

The next morning my parents went to work and my siblings were away at camp. So I threw on a pair of old jeans, some whitey tighteys and an old shirt and fired up the tractor.

After a few minutes of mowing and having the engine rumble my tummy I really began to feel the pressure building.

It was a hot day and I tried fighting the urge to poop as long as I could. I let out a fart to try and relieve some of the intense pressure but got a bit more than I expected. A sparkle of runny poop squirted into my undies.

I felt so naughty as the warmth gooey splotch squished in my undies. I let out a few more sharts with each one bringing a little bit more squishy poop and adding to the growing brown spot.

Finally I felt the pressure grow to be too much. I sat back on the tractor and released the flood.

With a grunt a steaming hot flood of messy stinky diarhea spilled into my whitey tighteys. In seconds I felt the gooey mess fill my underwear and squirt out of my leg holes and into my jeans. The warm mess spilled down my pants legs and into my shoes.

I felt my pants become fully soiled, and it felt like the mess would never end. It felt amazing to relieve the pressure and dump what felt like five gallons of hot fudge sundae in my pants.

I kept mowing, squishing around and pooping more to thoroughly soil my pants. I felt a puddle form on the seat, and decided to add to it by peeing my pants too.

The hot sun beat down overhead as I sat, squished, moaned and mowed. I felt so dirty in my big stinky mess, and the vibrations from the engine made the jiggly poop squish even more.

Minutes later my dick was so hard that I couldn’t even focus on mowing anymore. I got off, feeling the slushy mess pour down my pants legs as I did.

I lay in the grass and began stroking. Within a minute I erupted in a geyser of cum that shot all over.

The tractor seat was covered in shit and piss so I used the hose to spray it down. As for my pants and underwear, well there was no saving them so I threw them away lol. Used to do this all the time, but this event was probably the best one.

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  1. Your pants and undies always salvageable. Just hose them out.

    They might have some shit stains on them even after they are washed. Just save the. For next time. My trouble is. Going to the gym and forgetting I put on clean but heavily stained briefs I got some weird looks then when I took the, off I realized I just let everyone know I shit my pants regularly. I put on a hot jockstrap om a nice pair of blue sport blue undies. I know that’s double packaging but I do t want a thin layer of fabric separating me from the gym pads.

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