Summer morning runny poop

I used to have this weird hobby before, crazy, disgusting but fun. Yes, that’s pooping my pants. I like seeing poop stains at my briefs/boxers that’s why I love doing it. One time when I was 14, that was summer morning and I felt somethin’ was wrong with my stomach. I lie down my bed waiting for an urge to poop, then suddenly a strong rumbling sounded inside my intestines, the kind of rumbling where you got abdominal pains at the same time. I ripped a fart but it’s not a fart. “OH F****” I said, I felt that the wet poops made my boxers and shorts so heavy that when I walk the **** will run down my legs. Despite that, I ran to the bathroom, my butt still wants to vomit more **** so I gave it a chance. Meanwhile inside the bathroom, I pulled down my extremely soiled boxer shorts and squirted out more liquid poop at the bathroom floor. pretty messy. I felt relief but I felt more coming out, so finally I sat down the toilet and my butt exploded. That was one of the worst cases of Diarrhea I have ever experienced in my whole life, very remarkable. After an hour I still got the same routine, rumbling with pains, farting and running back to the bathroom. Mom, and my two sisters went to grandma’s birthday that time and they knew about my sick stomach so I guess mom told uncle to check on me. My Uncle Ed asked me how many times I pooped so I said three. Worst day ever but really the day I’ll never forget, messy, dirty, smelly, hurting, fun…

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  1. I’m sure you make great turds and lots of them and your boxers were full and sagging!

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