Sugar Free Chocolate didn’t end well

So it had been a while since I had pooped myself so I thought ”I’m free tonight! why not!?!”

I remembered that I had some sugar free almond bark that was made with Maltitol. I made sure to ask the guy at the candy counter what artificial sugar it was made with. I had two big pieces that I planned on only eating a couple of bites of at a time but instead ate it all in a matter of a few minutes.

I found a pair of old briefs and a pair of boxer briefs to wear over top. I do this to aid cleanup. I put them on and a pair of gym shorts too as I was sitting in my recliner. Just waiting for some pressure to begin and possibly a shart. So I was prepared!

I felt my stomach getting heavier and heavier as a couple of hours passed then I felt something knocking at my “back door.”

Then I knew it had arrived. I chugged some water too to help thighs along. I always play music loudly when I do it and so I turned on my music, went into the bathroom and got ready. I move my nice bath mat away and put down a towel for my knees. I kneel beside the tub and just waited. Then I felt a little bit leak out. It instantly felt warm between my cheeks. I decide to stand in the tub and feel my butt. It was already in the briefs. I slowly push some out a little at a time. Then finally give a huge push completely filling my pants.

It starts running down my left leg and into the tub. Then I had to piss so I did and with two layers of undies on the piss kinda stayed inside and sloshed around. Then i felt a second wave of diarrhea come along. Smaller than the first but I gave it a big push anyway.

Then it was time to assess the damage. I slid the undies down to reveal a huge runny mess!! It stank so bad and some of my Chinese food hadn’t digested all the way. I bagged up the mess, turned on the shower and proceeded to clean myself.

All clean, and writing this story. My first story on here I’ve ever shared. Hope you enjoy!

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