Sudden Urges

Well this will be month 10 of being in Japan and leaving in a dorm with a roommate and with little easily accessible outdoor space, fulfilling my slightly more unusual likes has been difficult and I have only managed a couple of times to satisfy these likes.


Last night I was in bed watching TV on my laptop and had been acciddentally on purpose drinking a lot of water. I was holding and holding and toying with the idea of what I should do next… should I let it go a bit in my PJ’s in bed, be really risky and pee my PJ’s on the bacony with the risk of being seen my the opposite dorm or just make full use of the somewhat aptly named “wetroom” en-suite that we have in our room….


Luckily for me my roommate is never in the room as he has a GF on another floor, so I decided to go to the wet room. For those of you who don’t know, a wet room have a floor that is slightly tilted so that the water just runs off the floor and down a drain hidden away or in the floor. So I walked in, catching my tanned and toned body in the mirror, noticing my slightly distended bladder.


Then I sat on the floor with my back against the bath. The difficulty of managing a hard-on and trying to piss proved a bit of a diffulty but it all adds to the fun. I have also recently discovered that I do quite like to get pee on my face, not in my hair though, but my face is cool, and obvs all over my body. So I let go spurting pee over my abs and my face until I was about half way through and then I had to take care of my boner and it was too difficult to force the last bit off pee out.


So I busted one out, not the best ever, but still felt great wit the warm pee acting like lube on my dick. Then i finished off the rest of the pee, hopped in the shower, dried off and got in to bed again. About 5 mins later my roommate came in out of the blue… so a lucky miss there then too 😉




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  1. When I was in college, the shower was a good private place with a drain that I used frequently. I was lucky that I had a large city park nearby too. People tend to not walk into showers when others are using them.

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