Stuck and nowhere to go

I knew that he had taken on too much fluid. He has been drinking at a late lunch and we had to get to town for an evening show. He was late in getting back so I was ready to leave as soon as he arrived. 

“I’m tired” he announced “Can we stop and get a coffee?” I knew that would tip the scales. It would take about an hour to drive into town and at this time of day we could easily get snarled in traffic. 
We stopped and I bought an extra large black coffee which he slurped down pretty quickly. 
On the way to town we chatted but by the time we reached the outskirts I could see that he was squirming slightly. 
We hit the traffic I expected on the Lakeshore and the crawled all the way towards our cut off.
“I need to pee really badly” he admitted after a while and started to massage his penis every now and then. 
“Why not use the coffee mug” I suggested. 
“I can’t do that” he replied. Ian was always nervous about peeing in public. 
At that moment the traffic sped up. I silently cursed but Ian sparked up 
“I can hold it I think”.
The freeway goes right into town but it takes about 20 minutes on a good day to travel from the freeway to the apartment. Today was no exception and as we weaved through traffic Ian squirmed more and more. 
“Pee. I’ve really got to pee” he repeated. 
Finally we arrived. The parking spot is three levels down. 
“Can’t you let me out here?” he pleaded. 
“Sorry, I only bought one set of keys – you’ll make it” 
I have to confess that I slowed right down as we descended to our parking level. 
“Get the bags quickly” Ian said as he leapt out of the car. 
“Ok” I said but I wasn’t really motoring. 
“I really need to pee” he repeated as we pushed the lift button. 
On most days I am frustrated that the lift takes ages but today it was deliciously slow. Ian jigged up and down
“Come on” he cried out. 
“he don’t worry – the lift is usually empty”
Finally it arrived. 
For once the gods were on my side. We stopped at each of the parking levels and on the main floor several more people got on. 
I saw Ian look at me in panic as people pushed almost every floor before our 12th floor stop. 
Suddenly he shifted weight and I heard Ian take a sharp intake of breadth. I thought I hard a whizz of urine slash into his underpants. 
He looked down trying not to make it obvious that he was looking. 
Ian caught my eye – and he looked down quizzically as if to say “does anything show?”
I nodded “it’s ok” – sadly for me there was nothing showing. 
We stopped at the second floor and I could see him contemplate getting out but there are not public toilets anywhere in our building. 
Psst – I heard another leak and saw the panic on Ian’s face. 
This time there was a tell-tale wet patch developing on his faded light blue jeans. 
Psst – another longer stream and I could see him go to grab himself to stop the flow but he knew that pinching the outside of the jeans would simply let more wet show on the outside. Ian shifted his weight. 
We’d reached the 6th floor – there were still three people left in the lift. 
He turned towards me and away from the people. 
Pssssst – a much longer stream and he coughed to cover up the sound. 
The wet patch was now moving down his inner thigh. 
I would see that the flood gates were about to open
Eighth floor and two people got out. 
Another tell-tale psst and this time Ian put his hand into his pocket. I could see he was grabbing his penis to stop the flow. 
“it’s ok” I said
He smiled back weakly. 
“I won’t last” he said as we reached the 10th floor and the door opened and the last person got out of the lift. 
As the doors slowly inched shut Ian sighed “I’m sorry” he said rather embarrassedly “I can’t manage to hold it” and with that he took his hand out of his pocket. 
I pulled him to me and I felt the hot urine gushing from his penis into and down his pants seeping into mine. 
There was quite a puddle on the floor when we reached the 12th floor. 
Time for a shower before the show.

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  1. it’s a great story …. I love male despair ……. I would have loved to have been the last person in the lift …… I would be stuck with it for the wet show to see … .
    So hot 🙂

  2. i too love the desperation. thats what turns me on. I enjoy watching a guy suffering from prolonged pee desperation. Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. Nice story! When u pulled him closer to u did u guys make out? That would have been an awesome ending! Lol

  4. Great description. The way he starts losing it in the lift after the build-up in the car is very hot to read.

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