Struggles of my Japanese boyfriend

Japan is a place of WONDER for those who weren’t born or raised there. That and it doesn’t have many public toilets in the more suburban areas…… I met a wonderful Japanese man that was only one year younger than me, I’m 29. When I met him, I had NO IDEA that he was also a popular entertainer with the Amuse Agency! He raps, djs, sings, but he mostly does musical theater. His name is Takuya. And I love him so much!!

But Takuya has an OBSESSION with coffee. As a pee lover, you KNOW that my senses were heightened when he drank coffee. Hate to say it, but I loved when we went on coffee dates! Also…me being into pee since I was young, my bladder has an astounding holding capacity. Unfortunately….since Takuya wasn’t really into this fetish before he met me, his bladder wasn’t….trained.

So my devilish mind asked him on a great (long) coffee date! We had fun! I kept ordering him the finest brews of coffee, from the greatest place in Osaka. I made sure we drank our helpings quickly and made the excuse that I wanted to go to the zoo right afterwards.

The zoo was large and spacious. Full of nature and animals of all kinds. He loved he hippos and the lion that actually looked at him when he called to it!

Then the fun began. When we were at the lion’s den, he started to squirm a bit. You know, crossing his legs, tapping his foot. It wasn’t hard to tell he needed the toilet. So I begged that we leave the zoo and go ahead to the ryokan (It’s outside the city limits) so we could spend some much needed time together. It looked like he wanted to stop but figured he could hold it until we got there. But just watching him come out of the zoo with me, you could see the trouble on his face. Of course I was polite and asked if he was okay, to which he said he was completely fine. He was obviously too courteous to tell me what was troubling him at this time.

He was pressing his thighs and squirming in his bus seat as we traveled to the outskirts of Osaka to a luxurious ryokan with onsens! But it was almost an hour to get there, traffic and all. I watched him squirming a little more by the minute. For the final time I asked him if he was okay. He finally confessed that he needed to pee! I pretended to get slightly mad at him and said he should’ve told me. He was so cute. He had a lovely blush in embarrassment and holding his thighs together was doing nothing short of turning me on. Not to mention his short, steadily growing heavy breaths and little moans of desperation. He needed to go…and I was LOVING it.

By the time we got to the next bus stop to wait for the next bus, he was clinching like mad. When I saw him actually grab himself I grew so hot. I could hear my heart in my ears. I felt my panties getting wet just watching him writhe.

“Where is this bus?” he said to me in frustration.

“It doesn’t come until 4:30,” I reply back in Japanese. It was currently 3:35. “You really should’ve told me you needed to go when we were at the zoo!”

I hated saying that to him because I knew what he would do and I let him do it anyway…but….I was loving every minute of this!! “Perhaps we could walk around the block to see if we could find a toilet?” I offered as a redemption.

He was really reluctant to leave the bus stop, but we left and started to walk around the block. Me, being in this area several times, I KNEW there were NO toilets. Just a wide open park with many trees to offer some time off the feet. It did have huge, lovely trees and bushes. A huge potential since Takuya always wore very nice clothes. Even I would have a hard time messing them. One of the trends in Japan right now was even tight pants/long shirt combo for the men!

So we walked the entire block only to end up back at the bus stop with no toilet in sight. Takuya’s whimpers were growing. He REALLY didn’t want to mess his clothes and it really sounded like he was about to. “Maybe…we should find somewhere for you to go? You know…that park had a lot of trees and bushes…” I suggested.

It was then he caught on to my musings. “ wanted to do this to me all along, didn’t you?”
Note, the pee fetish in Japan is kinda really popular.

Of course I did deny it. “What are you saying? Look, you’re in pain! You need to let that out, you could get a UTI!!” I said trying to cover my tracks. The Japanese are also huge health nuts.

“Meiri-chan!!” he growled as I led him back into the park. The jig was up but I wasn’t giving up. I NEEDED to see this very young man pee for me in a very naughty place.

We got to a corner of a partial brick wall that stood at the corner of the park. Me pulling his wrist to follow me the entire way. I found a little secluded space with lots of lush greenery. Truth be told, I even peed here myself a couple of times when the bus ran late. I was no stranger to this, I would witness others go pee in this park as well because this particular bus stop was hard if you were going to the outskirts of Osaka.

I led him to a particular spot I loved to pee at. It was beside a particular bush with little pink blossoms. “Here, go here,” I said hugging and touching him very intimately. My hands roaming his lower torso and down to fondle his crotch. He gave me that look of scorn. “I know my secret is out now…but, I want to see you pee for me. Right here. I go to pee here too,” I confessed. I then felt his groin twitch in my hand. I could tell he never really considered this fetish, but since it was so popular there, it wasn’t much of a surprise to him.

He gave a small desperate moan and a nuzzle. Then proceeded to undo his pants. (Rather quickly, this was a public park after all…) “Hold it for me,” he tells me. Which I happily oblige taking his desperate member in my hands. Feeling him try to hold it until he was ready to release almost made me cum.

After a couple of awkward minutes(stage fright), he let out a thick yellow-white stream all over those little pink flowers. Even he could tell I was practically orgasming just standing there and watching him release. I have every reason to believe he knew he turned me on as he let out a nice moan of relief. And if that wasn’t enough he moaned out ‘Kimochiiiiii~~~Aaaaa…’ (basic translation: that feels good).

I couldn’t help it. I had to put my thumbnail between my legs and throw myself into a rolling orgasm. Takuya held me to him until he was finished. He then pulled me into the same area facing him. “You go now!” he ordered; his heated dripping cock still hanging out. Of course I had no choice but to oblige.

I took my pants down and peed in the same spot he did. Don’t know if you knew this, but we sort of saw that as a way of bonding. I know it’s weird but…. My pee mingled with his in the earth. That in itself turned him on! I was squatting there, adding to his pee puddle, then he shoves his heated semi-hard cock into my mouth. Allowing me to taste his lovely gold after his pee. I felt his cock harden and grow as he thrusted softly in. I then was on my knees in our pee puddle, sucking his hot cock. I wasn’t used to being deep throated, but that’s when I discovered I could manage it! Mostly by the desire of me wanting to swallow every bit of his erotic essence.

It didn’t take long for him to spurt his all into my mouth leaving a lovely trail of cum down my neck and chest. “Next time I want to cum on those pretty glasses of yours,” he said as we picked ourselves up and headed for the bus to our suite at the ryokan.

You better believe the rest of the night was anything but boring!!

((Sequel is possible if I get enough motivation))

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  1. Get to motivating !! Great story, I would have bent you over in the park and we really would have mingled .. keep up the hot stories !!

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