Stranger at a bar.

First off, this is my second story on here so any comments or suggestions are welcome.

A little about myself, I’m 25 6ft2, 240lbs. I have a dirty little secret, I enjoy wearing and using diapers for what they are intended for.

On this day I decide to through on a diaper with some snug fitting plastic pants. I then made my way to the local bar to grab a drink and destroy my diaper.

The bar was pretty quit, a couple guys playing pool, a few people at the tables. I walk up and order a beer. While I’m sipping my beer I can only think “it won’t take long to soak this diaper”. I finish off my first one and order a second. While the bartender is grabbing it, I make my way to the bathroom. I hop into one of the stalls and yank my pants down. I pull out a pack of suppositories and shove two up my ass. “That should get things moving up there”. I go back to my seat and there is another guy sitting at the bar. I don’t think anything of it. Sit back down and finish my beer. We started talking about little bit and he asked if I wanted to go outside and have a smoke. “I don’t smoke but could use some fresh air” I said. At this point the suppositories are starting to work and there is a pressure on my bladder. I pay the bill and walk out with him. He lights up a smoke and stares at me not saying a word.

About half way through his smoke he asks if I need diapers or just like wearing them. All I could think was, how did he know. Then it hit me, my shirt was riding up the front and he must have saw my diaper and plastic pants. I was still in shock and couldn’t say a word. He already knew what my answer was going to be so I just said I like to wear them. They are soft and comfortable. After that he started asking more questions, do I piss in them, do I shit in them, have I ever been changed by someone else? The more I answered truthfully the more he asked.

Eventually he asked if I wanted to come over to his place for a drink. I said “I walked to the bar, do you mind driving.” So I hopped into his truck and he started heading to his place. Once I get a chance to think what just happened I realize that I’m about to shit myself infront of a stranger. My stomach makes an audible growl. He looks at me and asks if I need to go. All I could say was “desperately”. He said just go in your diaper and I can change you when we get to my place. At this point I needed to clarify that I’m not attracted to men sexually. But I agreed to let him help me clean up. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

He pulled his truck over on the side of the road and I got out. I didn’t have a choice, once I stood up my bowels exploded into my diaper followed by a full bladder. When I said I wanted to destroy my diaper, that’s exactly what I did.

I got back into the truck and he asked if I felt better. Which i really did. He then said it was about another 25 minutes to his place. About 10 minutes go by and he pulls over again. He asked me to step out and help him with something. I’m standing on the passenger side and he walks around. He tells me he was to take a shit too. I’m now confused as to why he needed my help. He pushed me up against his truck and put his lips on mine. It wasn’t an aggressive kiss but not gentle either. Again I am speechless. I’m standing here while he is tugging on my zipper. Then I realize he wants to shit into my pants. This has been a fantasy of mine but I never expected a guy or that it would ever happen. Now I’m extremely horny and my cock is rock hard. I start helping him out now, pull my pants down, hold my diaper open, pull his pants down. He leans over and pushes his ass towards me. I can’t see what’s going on but I can till he is pushing a little. Then I feel his warm soft shit landing on my rock hard cock. I just about cum from that feeling. This goes on for about 5 minutes. He then turns around and said he was going to take a piss and started to pull his pants up. I grab his cock and pull him forward sticking it in the front of my diaper. “Just let it flow” I say. It starts out as a trickle but turns into a stream quick. He are now nose to nose while he is pissing into my diaper. He leans in again and our lips touch a second time. This time more passionate then before. I feel his tounge start to press against my lips. I let it enter my mouth and start exploring. This goes on for another 5 minutes. Once he is done pissing, I pull my pants back up and he does his but I stop him. I pull his boxers down under his balls and start stroking them. Now I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m so turned on I’m going to try. I drop to my knees and now looking at his rock hard cock. Giving light strokes and I lean in and touch my tounge to the tip. I’m now standing on the side of the road my diaper full of my piss and shit along with someone else’s giving my first blowjob. After about 10 minutes of sucking this guy off he says he is about to cum. I think I might as well be a trooper and take it. I start sucking a little harder and going a little deeper. I finally feel him spurt about 4-5 times in my mouth and I swallow.

We get back in the truck and drive the remaining 10 minutes or so to his place. I walk into the door and I’m again pushed up against the wall with his tounge down my throat. He is now grinding up against me, squishing our loads around in my diaper. I’m rock hard and I can feel his trough his jeans. He pulls me into the bathroom, pulls my pants down, I’m taking my shirt off, he is stripping down. Now we are both standing there making out some more in my dirty diaper. He then reaches down and grabs the front of my diaper giving it a squeeze. I let out a moan and completely give in. We hope into the shower, making out, rubbing my diaper. He then slips a hand into the front and grabs my shit covered cock and gives it a few tugs. I’m in absolute heaven now. He finally pulls his hand out covered in shit and wipes it off over my face and lips. He then goes in for another handful and so on and so forth. After awhile of making out with our shit he rips my diaper off and bends me over. A couple fingers start probing around and find my ass hole and go exploring. I’m enjoying every moment of this. He takes his fingers out and grabs another handful of shit and starts rubbing his cock. I know what’s next and I can’t wait any longer. I teach around and grab his shit covered cock and guide it to my waiting ass hole. He pushes and I feel the head slid in. It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as I expected. He starts slow and keeps picking up speed. His balls slapping against my thighs. I lost track of how long he was fucking me. But I was in complete extascy. I felt my orgasm building and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I finally came all over the shower which sent him over the top and filled my ass full of his cum.

We stayed like that for a couple minutes catching our breath. We got cleaned up and I blew him one more time before leaving and sitting up a time to meet next week.

Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. You never know when the right moment might hit you in the ass I love the story, Luck has played part in many of my encounters, All so true you never judge a book by it’s cover, There are scat lovers everywhere !! way to go buddy keep up the good work and let us know how that second encounter went !! inquiring minds want to know …..

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