Strange poop

Last saturday, I forgot to poop and same day, we have a party at home: lOts of food and drinks i was full by the end of the day then sunday morning held my poop again, ive been drinking lots of softdrinks and beer it made my stomach ache, I felt so bloated but i took my lunch which consists of Burritos and a food from Saturday party. drank again and felt bloated that night, mild cramps and farts came I thought i was gonna have the runs for the night Monday morning, same mild cramps and farting the cramps you feel when you have the runs, I held in for a few Hours but when i shit, a surprising huge soft shit came out, surprised because I thought it was the biggest poop I ever had in my life, went to the toilet again cuz another coming but it was loud smelly fart and a small wet poop. dont know what really caused it, does anyone knoww?? pls tell me

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