I was very interested in poop in my teens. At twelve it became a daily release into my pants. Every summer we would vacation on the beach and one summer stuck out in my mind and here is the story. I was fifteen years old and still very much into messing and wetting my pants on purpose. I was hiding it most of the time but that summer changed everything. One day I was walking the beach with my dad and I came upon a weird looking thing. Like something maybe wash up from the ocean onto the beach. It intrigued me because it looked like a huge pile of shit in a plastic bag. Well it seemed like that and I started to pick at it with a stick. It was grey in color with some black goo around it. Like maybe some oily stuff from a ship. I was definitely interested in it because I had a fetish of loving shit and it seemed like mess. My dad saw me play with it and immediately told me to stop. I did but the next morning I got up early before anybody else did and high tailed it to the beach to go look at that stuff again. It was quite away from our cottage on the beach but I found it. Still there and in the plastic bag. I picked it up and it was relatively weighted. I wanted to put it down my pants so it would look and feel like I did a big shit in my pants. It was pliable and could be molded like playdoh or modeling clay. I propped open my pants in the back to drop the stuff down in there. The feeling of that falling down into my pants was ecstacy. A gigantic big shit feeling was now in my pants. I put my hand back against my butt and sort of played with it and squished it through my short pants. The only thing missing to make this be like a real pile of shit was the brown stains that would come through to my top pants. Otherwise that would of looked like a big BM. I walked about 10 more minutes away from that place and then turned around home. By the time I had got all that in my pants , the morning was starting and the beach was filling up with swimmers. Fortunately for me that bulge in my pants was drawing attention. I overheard two girls giggle and one said that she thought that boy shit his pants. Walking that beach with a hang down was so much fun and it started many years of doing pants messes in public for attention.

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  1. That feeling of a large mound of soft warm poop in your pants is wonderful.Once discovered you want it there all the time.

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