Strange places to shit.

My primary fetish is for sneakers, yet I have an interest in piss and scat as well.

There is something that the thought of has turned me on for years, just never got up the guts to try it until a few years ago when I had the house to myself for a week.

I love sneakers, they really turn me on, make me hard and I love wanking off in various ways with sneakers. This particular morning I was very horny and had a bum full of poop that was wanting to get out in a hurry. I grabbed an old sneaker and headed for the bathroom desperate to let out a big creamy load of poop. Pants off and squat down on the floor. I opened up the sneaker and held it under my hole making sure it was well positioned, then let go of a huge creamy load. It crackled and popped and filled that sneaker heel to the toe with hot steaming shit. This of course gave me a raging hard on.

I just had to bring that now heavy steaming shit filled shoe up to my cock and plunged my hard member straight into that creamy warm shit and pumped a few times exploding a load of cum inside the shit filled sneaker. What an amazing feeling, this is the first time I’ve used shit on my hard cock, what a revelation. And what a horny (for me) combination, sneakers shit and a wank with both. I tried it again a few times after this, but it was never as good as the very first time.

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  1. Forget the sneakers and poop in your underwear or swim trunks. You will be turned on instantly pulling the old wank several times! That feeling is great!

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