Strange fantasy

I do not know if this will be a very strange fantasy, but I write it to you anyway.
For a long time I have been involved in the world of feederism (feeding others to get fat or just to fill them) and in the control of the toilet and I have always had a fantasy of very strict control.
Make my “partner” eat until his stomach is completely full and ban him toilet, mainly taking a shit. Filling his guts with shit that increasingly makes more and more pressure inside him. Imagine how it would be to end the day after having eaten massively at least three times.
I do not care about your discomfort, in fact it makes me more horny.
In the end he would have a huge trunk pressing his ass to get out, or better yet, a huge plug loosening his guts.

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  1. You are not alone. I have this fantasy too with a female partner (I am male). She would be buttplugged and would try to force it out to no avail…and when I finally take it out and allow her to shit, the huge hard brick that has formed in her rectum does not budge, only some liquid poop leaks around it making her really embarrassed.

    She pushes and pushes, and grunts in agony, but it is not coming out. She cries. Should I give her an enema?

  2. That’s a great fantasy! It’s something I’d be happy to undergo, although I’ve no desire to gain fat. Large amounts of fiber-rich fruit and vegetables would probably fill me up pretty quickly. @almakitsune Feel free to send me a message if you wish to discuss it further.

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