straight or gay piss? Any preference, differences?

Are you str8 or gay, any piss preferences or differences when it comes to play, watch or piss next to another guy? I’ve heard some str8 guys saying they didn’t like to piss next to another guy & some gay guys saying they would die to drink str8 guys’ piss! What’s your position & preference if any? Talking about piss & other naughty gay plays & places, check my blog out:

Sir Philippe

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  1. I’m straight, but piss turns me on so much that I don’t care which gender gives it to me. I guess I’m bi-pee.

  2. I’m gay & love to piss my pants & bed having been a bedwetter all my life.

  3. I’m a gay male and only into male piss, not female. The piss aspect is definitely connected to sexual attraction for me: I’m only really interested in desperation, pissing and wetting by guys I fancy (though that’s still a wide range!). So I find it intriguing that many people here are into peeing by people with whom they would not want to have sex, for example straight guys into male pissing. There must be something going on there which I’m not into myself.

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