Story I wrote for a friend.

You wake up in the morning needing to pee so after letting your morning wood go down for a min. you head for the toilet. You get to the bathroom door and find it locked. You feel a twinge in your blader as you hear me turn on the shower. The sound of the water makes you wince as you grab your cock with one hand and pound the door loudly with the other.

“what?” I yell to you. ” I have to piss” you yell making shure I can hear you over the water. I smile and holler back ” Can’t you hold it?”. Knowing how long I can take you think guess I have to. “Be quick” you almost beg threw the door and giving your self anther squeeze you head back to bed. You grab a water bottle take a few drinks and lay down in bed.

A hour latter you wake up with a start as you are now desperate. Relived you relize the shower is no longer running and grabing your c*ck you make a mad run to the bathroom. As a large squirt dampens your Pj’s and hand you try to turn the door knob. “LOCKED! SHIT!” you yell. You look up and see a note on the door. Come find me for the key.

You hestate for a second and as you do you start to pee. Panicked you clamp down with both hands and hollor ” Where are you?”. “Come find me” you hear me sing out. clamping down to stop the flow you follow the sound till you find me. I am standing on a chair holding the key over my head.

“You know I have to pee give me the key now” you say as squirt slips past both hands. “Whats the matter tuff guy going to pee pee his big boy underwere” I tease. I already am you think but say”Just give me the key” “Come get it” I tell you. You hobble over and as you let your cock go to grab the key it is over and standing in frount of me you pee full force soaking your boxers and pjs.

I smile and giggle a little as you look at me with puppy dog eyes. “I wet my pants” you tell me. “I see that. Well if you can’t be trusted to make it to the potty on your own guess I will make the desicion for you. Follow me.” With your pants dripping you follow me to the bathroom. I unlock the door and we both go in. On the bahtroom counter you see a stack of pullups.

With a scared look you ask ” Who do thoese belong to” .”They are yours” I answer and before you can protest I take off your wet things and put a pull up on you.” Finish getting dressed and don’t think about taking off that pullup” I tell you. You finish dressing and come find me.

We decide to take a walk and when we are out you feel the need to pee before you can do anything a small leak escapes. Almost in a panic you head for a near by tree. Your blader is weakened from earlier. You unzip your pants and have to fumble to get your member out of the pullup. You manage to get it out and just as you get a good stream going you feel my arms around your waste. With one swift moation I pull your hands away and pull your pullup over your cock. As you feel the pullup swell I zip and button your pants. “I told you I will tell you when to potty” I say and with that I slip a small lock on your pants.


   With a little relife you relize that your pull up is holding your pee with out leaking but you know it wont hold much more.”I need to potty more and need something dry” you tell me. “Can’t you be a big boy and hold it till we get home?” I ask you as I give your pullup a small squeeze in the frount. You pull back as the wetness seeps back into the material of the pull up.


You gasp a little thinking for shure the wetness is going to show but a quick glance down you relize you are safe. We walk to a small bench and I sit down. You look at me a say ” I am wet can we Please head home” I give you a look and say ” Whats the matter tuff guy PEE PEE his diaper come on and sit for a min. then I will change you” You sit thinking ‘good after this I can go home and get into some dry boxers’

After we sit for a bit you feel you have to pee yet some more. You squirm afraide if you say anything that the outcome will be bad. I look at you and ask loudly “Do you have to Pee Pee” The giggle from some cute girls behind us make you go red in the face. “No!” you hiss at me but as soon as you say it you feel a bubble of pee travel up you quickly hardning c0ck. You clamp down to stop any more from comming out and instently relize your mistake. Your squeeze made your pullup leak and the drips on the ground make shure that anyone who passes us will know you peed your pants.

I giggle a little and ask “Did you potty your pants agen?” Feeling all dignity gone you give up and completly flood your pullup. As the last drops flood over the top I stand up and tell you “I am ready to head home” With your head down you follow me with your pants saging and dripping

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