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Opps I accidentally deleted this thought someone might like to read it still, Oh and by the way if anyone wants to they can take this and reedit it as they like. The only thing I ask is that you share it with all, Thanks and enjoy.

this is my first time posting here and i thought you all might enjoy a bit of a story. You will have to forgive me if this seems a bit disjointed, I’m not the best writer. anyway here goes. Ive had many adventures while being an over the road truck driver. well somethings have changed some for me, i still drive truck but its home everyday i work a night shift so I’m home during the day when my wife is off at work. it gives me some alone time to play especially on the weekends where i have all night Sunday to play, which Ive taken full advantage of. this is what i did to start this weekends adventure off. starting Monday after the last weekend poop fest. i began taking an anti diarrhea medicine (to back me up) along with my fiber capsules. you see i did want to waste an of my poo down the drain. as the week went along my system got fuller and fuller. by Friday my bowels were quite well packed but because of the medicine i didn’t’t really feel the need to go yet. even thou i had a full weeks worth of fiber supplemented poo packing my insides because my belly felt a bit larger and harder. as Sunday rolled around, while the wife was out. i denude my cock and balls, its so much nicer like that. it also allows the mess to slip and slid around so much easier. well about six O’Clock i took a laxative to get things moving later. i knew the wife would be going to bed about 1000pm and i would have all night to play (about 7 hours). so after she was off i slipped on a pair of one size larger white underpants which i had bought just for this. i knew it was going to be a massive load and i want a little extra room for it to move around. i also pinned the leg bands tighter(wouldn’t’t want to lose anything right) along with some plastic panties. then sat down to surf the net. about 1030 things began to move. i could feel everything moving lower and i knew it wouldn’t be long before id have to go i like the feeling of losing control and have to let everything go in my undies. sure enough about 15 minutes later i felt a massive urge to go but i decided to just set there and let nature take its course. as i sat there i felt my bowels contract and try to push out this massive load and decided to just relax as my body began to push out the the first wave. i could feel my bottom begin to open as the first log started to slid out. but because of the medicine and my staying seated it stopped half way out. man that felt good. my bottom was so dilated that it felt like i had a soda can trying to slid out. as i sat there my body continued to try and push this huge log out. finally it was beginning to get to uncomfortable so i stood up and took the classic pose that that all toddlers do when they are about to fill their pants with a stinky load, you know feet a apart knees bent. well when i did that things began to move. the first part was quite large and firm as it slid out between my bum cheeks stretching my little rosebud wide and tented out the seat of my undies. love that feeling as it slowly slides out filling your pants. after the first warm pile i stood back up and reached back there to feel how badly i had messed my pants. it was about the size of a large orange and very firm. i sat back down to surf the net some more all it did was flatten out nice and warm on my bottom. got to love it. well i wasn’t done yet by along shot. sure enough i could feel another load moving down all i did was relax again but this time¬† i began to push and could feel much softer load sliding out. i could feel it slowly sliding out filling up to seat then the crotch of my underpants. at this point i wanted to see what the back of my underpants looked like. so i went into the bathroom to check it out in the mirror. well it looked and felt great. i had a huge brown stain over this massive bulge in my undies that felt fantastic. I knew i was long from done tho. i want to keep things moving so i started to walk around the house do some light house work, you know. started the laundry picked up a bit did a few dishes all the time trying to push out a bit more poo into my already very messy underpants. things had soften up some by now due to the laxative and was spreading around quite freely. i did set down a couple of times, very carefully tho, didn’t want to loose anything. that is until i was standing at the sink doing some dishes when i felt another urge coming on and figure why not so i leaned on the sink and pushed. what i got was a whole lot of very soft slippery poop sliding out of my bottom. i didn’t think i had that much left in me. it almost double what i had already dumped into my pants but man did it feel great as it quickly spread out across my cheeks and pushed forward around my hairless balls. there was no way that i dare set down now. i looked at in the mirror and it looked like i had dumped a gallon bucket of thick brown pudding into my pants. as i push on it spread around allot more, man what a feeling. I’m just about to go and finish things at this point here so this is just about the end. here what Ive got in store i got a nice sized dildo I’m going to slid down into the back of my poopy underpants and into my hungry bottom and as I’m spreading and kneading my poopy pants ill be fucking myself with that nice cock and imagining that its someone that has pulled pants messy pants down and is really pounding away¬† into me. well got to go, oh wait i already did

hope you enjoyed this

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