With a straight guy

I’ve been into this fetish for a long time. I’m a masculine guy, mature, could look to be the Dad next door, coach or even Cop
Ok. That video. It was great seeing the big load come out and then you went back to fucking yourselve with the dildo. I was hoping that at some point you put the dildo in your butt all the way and then pull the cutoffs over it to keep it in place. Rocking back and forth it would have felt like a load as well
I’ve had a lot of boyfriends that don’t know about this fantasy part of my life
But one of the things I do to them is to introduce a dildo into the session. Once it’s securely planted I’ll take of my tight white briefs off and slip them up his legs holding in the dildo. Every single guy goes nuts when I do that. I touch the bulge now in his underwear and laugh and say “looks like you took a load “. Then I lay on the bed with him on top of me and I grab the waist band to fuck him with the dong. I know that they all feel at first as if they shit there pants but as I pull, let up and pull deeper they tend to moan very loud and long. I get off that they have ejackulated in there underwear so they slip off me and with my left hand I slide it into the front of there briefs to feel the cum and damp briefs. I use my right hand to jo as one of my favorite guys would suck on my nipples which when exited engorge with blood and get big or bigger then any women’s nipples. I like looking and feeling like a masculine well dressed man but if the other guy works my nipples just so my moans and sighs go up a few bars. I embarrassed myself sounding like a bitch in heat but every guy loves being in the drivers seat
Last week I had a huge load. Truly. This nice straight guy has come over a few times and we’ve pooped our pants together. I’m not sure why they prefer to do this with a masculine guy but they do. Anyway last week I had on tight Wranglers and black cowboy boots with a tee shirt tucked into the underpants so the band was showing. I tied this guy to the chair and then took my time as I unloaded. I pushed my jeans down just below the butt line and bent just a bit at the knees and moaned with pleasure and pain but his eyes were locked on my butt and I really got off on how big the bulge was. The briefs were Tiger briefs that have a double cotton seat. And being full cut and my load like five pounds of clay we were both breathing pretty hard. I reached back and felt my load. Fuck I said. He, being straight was hesitant to ask to touch it. But I would back into where his open palm was but backed off each time. I think that because I was playing this game I got him to the point of begging to feel it. Cool. Right where I wanted him. I gave in and he grabbed the whole load. Was hard as can be
I untied him and said let’s play a game. You lay on your back with your arms at your side as I straddled his handsome face. I told him I wouldn’t move at all till he said “a little lower”. Which I did. I got so close to his face but I wouldn’t sink in. We had a “safe word “ to stop action. He was shaking he was so turned on as was I. I think the fact that my load really felt like five pounds of clay and he couldn’t get dirty because of the double seat was when he caught me off guard, grabbed my thighs and pulled me in deep as he could. Fuck. I said let’s pretend your face is a cowboy saddle. Go for it and for the next twenty minutes or so I was going to town on his face with this monster load
After we came in our underwear I asked if any one had ever sat on his face. He said he’d thought about it but with the way I did it he somehow felt degraded by a guy who pooped his pants and was now sitting on his face. He likes the feeling of being taken down a notch. To be embarrassed and humiliated
Later on he told me with every guy he met up with he wanted it to end up with his face being sat on. He said one guy came over straddled his face picked up the newspaper and took a shit in his briefs pretended that he was on a toilet. The friend of mine said as long as the load was huge and firm then it was a humiliating situation to be in and he craves to do it again. Sort of an obsession. Cool I thought 💭. I look forward to hearing from any like minded men who start out with both of us well dressed and end up pooping pants and one or the other sits on the other guys face. Now I need to find them in Palm Springs or Los Angeles Love this size and shape butt with a huge bulge in the seat. Maybe give it a sucker punch