What’s the most embarrassing times you have been caught with a load in your underwear?

Some of you would already know some of the times it happened to me, but another was when I was 13 or 14 at a friend’s birthday party. His party was out the back of his house in a big open area, with a fire so I was sure I could load my underwear without anyone realizing. I could tell it was going to be one of those perfect firms loads and to make it even better it didn’t seem to smell at all. For a while I just walked around with the load in my underwear enjoying the feeling, then sat down at the fire. The sensation of the huge firm load forcing its way up the back and front of my underwear felt amazing and it got even more exciting doing it in a very risky situation. As I sat there enjoying myself, I also realize it was dark enough that no one would be able to see my underwear. While everyone was talking, I decently moved my soccer shorts so my underwear was nicely exposed, then sat there pretending everyone could see what I had done.

It got even more exciting after about an hour of talking when one of the girls offered to show in her panties if we wanted to see. That seemed like a fantastic idea to me, so I quickly answered yes and so did all the other guy. After a few second of thinking she agreed but only if at least 2 guys showed her their dicks and the girls were going to decided who they were. Suddenly the load in my underwear didn’t seem like such a good idea but there were 5 other guys there that seemed much more popular than me. When they go back and sat down, I was sure they were not going to chose me but to my surprise they did. My first thought was to make an excuse but the idea of seeing in her panties was to hard to miss. After a few second of thinking and encouragement by the other guys I agreed.

My plan was to only let them see what they asked and not let them see further down my underwear, which is exactly what the other guy did. It was also quite dark, so I was sure they were not going to know or realize. Going second to show seemed like a good idea until one of the girls produced a torch and another pulled my pants and underwear out to have a better look. I tried to disguise the load in my underwear by pushing my pants against my crotch but the girl with the torch grabbed my hand and pulled it away. Suddenly, the load in my underwear was completely visible but amazingly it took what seemed like quite a while for them to notice.

Getting found out was quite embarrassing at the time but when I got home after and thought about what had happened the idea, I had gone undiscovered for hours with a load in my underwear felt amazing. It also felt exiting knowing I had been caught.


  1. poopypants2

    Great story. Did you have any other adventures? What did your friends think?
    I’ve been caught twice, intentionally, with a poop in my pants. I love doing it in public places, and have shit myself standing in line for the portapotties at a music festival (got noticed by the girls standing behind me) and also loading my pants on the way home in a crowded elevator. The girls on the elevator laughed, told me to “hold on!” and when I finally let the load go told me “good luck cleaning up!” and “don’t squish it!”.

  2. airborne Post author

    Hi Poopypants 2

    The exhilaration I get from doing it in situations like the birthday party was and still is extremely addictive, so I look for situations. Doing it in perilous situation without anyone knowing is extremely exciting but so is getting discovered. There have been quite a few times where no one seemed to notice despite it being in an extremely risky situation, like the time my grade went on whale sighting excursion during high school. I had intentionally not pooed for days just to see how big a load I could do, yet despite the size and it being in my underwear for most of the day no one seemed to notice. That was until I quite intentionally stood against the railing on the upper deck. I was wearing soccer shorts so I knew people walking up the stairs would see, but I was careful to make sure none of my class mates saw.

    After the birthday party and the other times, I have been discovered my friends tormented me for a while, but although I didn’t let them know I found it quite exciting.

    I’m a lot more reserved now but there are still times the desire to do in risky situation eventually have to be satisfied.