Shit my diapers in the store again.

So tonight i went to Target. i had been wearing my diaper all day and forgot I had it on. So as i’m in target, i felt a huge dump pressing against my anus. I started looking around for the toilets, but then I remembered that i got a toilet in my pants! LOL so I first let out some piss and calmly filled up the front of my diaper. It was nice n warm. Then i walked to the isle wit all the dvd’s and looked at some. On the other side of the isle, this young dude was looking at dvd’s too. He looked up at me and smiled and i smiled back. then dude starts talking to me. As were talking, I started to push out my load. First i laid some pretty ripe, nasty farts. They were silent but violent. Then i bared down and pushed a load of poop into my diaper. it was pretty massive, and I got a little scared cuz i said “dang! They gonna know for sure! But the dude kept talking and didn’t say nothing. So i just relaxed and laid some more poop in my diaper. I had more piss that needed to come out, so i let it. By this time, the stinky poopy air was swirling all around me and I knew some of the stink would waft over to the guys nose. But he still didn’t say nothing so I guess he couldn’t smell it. So then I walked my dirty stank ass to the bathroom to change my diaper. On the way, i had to walk by a bunch of people. i don’t know if they smelt my diaper load or not.

The clean up was pretty easy. i wiped up with wet wipes, and put a fresh diaper that i had in my pocket on. then I put the shit-filled one in the trash wrapped up in some tissue. There was some air freshener in the corner, so I sprayed it to clear out some of the stench that I made. Then I washed my hands and left to go have a cigarette. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience. i kept laughing to myself about the fact that i just had a converstaion with someone, while dirtying my diapers at the same time LMFAO!


  1. dukeofearl67

    I remember one time I was in Walmart and had just dropped a huge load of shit in my underwear And these 2 guys came up to me and asked if I would be a part of their school project , I hesitated at first but then they told me what it was and I said sure. Their task was to get a picture with a complete stranger. So here I was with my pants full of poop and this college aged guy came up to me and put his arm around me and I know they had to smell me but they didn’t act like they did And they took their picture with me so somewhere there is a picture of me floating out there with a guy and my pants full of poop. It was an awesome experience to say the least.