My straight hunky dentist has something that for some reason he finds provocative

I’ve been going to the same dentist for years. Now he’s as hunky as ever. Real handsome conservative republican but married with kids is he. He has one big hunky butt
Ok. I have a fetish. One is that my very straight and married dentist who has a beautiful beefy butt and I fantasized that he’s working on me at the end of the day, every one has gone home and as he’s working on me he tells me that they locked the men’s bathroom. He asked if I could come the next day. He’s sweating and can barely talk. I tell him he has to finish as I’m going out of town that night. This guy. Ray is his first name is early 50s always wears snug expensive pants. In my fantasy I keep him there till he cramps up and has no fight in him. He steps back saying “”I’m so sorry David, I can’t believe…….and with that I hear the crackling sound and I see the bulge start to grow. I make him talk as I get off on his slurs his words and he’s red as a beet. I say Ray not a problem man. Let me see the damage “. He turns around and my eyes can’t believe what there seeing. Like two catchers mitt s stuffed into the seat of his pants. I tell him as I reach over and gently outline how big it is and he cramps up again and more. I gasp and he starts to go back to work on me. I very carefully take my right hand and ever so slowly and gently cop a feel. When he feels my hand he yells at me. What the fuck man you think this is funny? I just pooped my pants. Now he’s mad. He lowers the chair so it’s even with my face. He turns to pretend that he has to do exrays but backs up into my face. “Oh I beg your pardon Dave. Now let me see” and he backs up again. This time he bends a little at the knees. I’m so sorry he keeps saying but doing it to get back at me.he gets more and more aggressive as he sinks his bulging butt into my face. I try to piss him off so he continues to back up and patronizing apologies to me. I get off on his insincer apologizing I’m hard as a rock and while he’s backing up I grab him from the waistband and pull him into me. Big time. That big load in my face. He laughs at me but the more I pull him into me the harder he’s breathing. As I push my handsome face into the back of his loaded slacks I reach around and rub him in the front of his pants. Now he’s into it. Pushing his big ass in my face and I saw “having a problem Ray? You seen to be a little “ and before I can finish he’s having an orgasim like he’s never had
Ok my question is could you do a video and be a professional man CEO type who has an accident in his pants. Not piss but huge load of packed in poop. I want him to laugh at me as he’s backing into my face. I could also fantasize that we go out for drinks. I have been planning this all week. We stop at my place cause I gotta shit. He laughs. I say “fuck man it isn’t funny,I’m touching cotton
“. We read at the apartment I live in that the water won’t be turned on for a couple more hours. We’re both a bit tipsy. He says guess you’ll have to suck it up and shit your pants. I start to get desperate. I break out in a sweat. My handsome dentist is shaking his head but still edging me to do it. We’re both well and expensively dressed. Sport coat shirt and tie. Tee shirt tucked into my very expensive slacks. I have on snug full cut while briefs. I’m say stuff like oh my god. I really do have to pinch off a loaf. I start feeling Humiliated and can’t believe this pal of mine keeps egging me on to go for it as if I really would. So I turn around to show him my butt. I take off my sport coat and roll up my sleeves. He thinks I’m joking. I push and feel a load like a football is expanding in my pants. Now he rediculs me but I cramp up and push out what seems like five pounds of heavy clay. I’m breathing hard but so is he. This time I get pissed. You think this is funny Ray. Really? You think,,,,,, and with that I laugh and push him, he pushes back till we land on the floor. He’s on his back and my butt is a foot from his handsome face. Yeah! I say. Still laughing. Then he’s wimpiering. No. No Dave. Your not going to….his voice is shaking yet I can see he has an erection which he’s trying to hide. I keep backing up till I’m on his face, but I haven’t sank in. He’s almost in tears. Tears and a hardon. That’s interesting I think. Then things switch…..he grabs me by my thighs and in an aggressive loud voice he says “Goddamit sit on my fucking face”!!!!! I do. I ride it like a cowboy at a rodeo. Then I reach over and grab one of those Brookstone vibrators and turn it on high and on the warmest setting. I run it over his thighs and then his zipper. He’s moaning like a bitch in heat. I know he can’t get dirty because the briefs have a double seat and my pile is so thick, like clay that he pulls my thighs harder and harder. I work on his zipper with the vibrator. In a concerned voice I say with a half smile, you ok doc. Are you sure?.. and with that I sink in as deep as I can. With a contorted look of pleasure and pain he begins his orgasm. It seems to go on for ever. We get up don’t say a word, both shower in the bathrooms and he asks for a beer for the way home. Acts like nothing has happened. Fine I think. There will come another day
Any thoughts? Not everyone is into my thing but seeing you wearing slacks and tie made my dick jump. I hope you liked the fantasy. Bet u have a couple as well. So tell. Love this pic