My First Public Poop

Today I woke up really needing to poop as usual, and I knew I didn’t have much time before it would come out on its own. The other day I had planned on pooping myself in Walmart, but didn’t make it out of my apartment in time, but today it would be different.
I managed to get dressed without pooping myself (barely) and left my apartment. Instead of going to Walmart, I decided to go to Home Depot since it was closer and probably less busy. Once I got inside I noticed my need to poop went away quite a bit, I guess my body knows when I’m in public. I also noticed that I needed to pee and I probably couldn’t poop without peeing. I didn’t want to pee myself in an isle, so I went to the bathroom instead. When I got to the bathroom, I noticed that the bathroom doors were both wide open. I was nervous to go in and poop with the door open like that, but I went in anyways.
Surprisingly, I did manage to pee without pooping, but once I finished peeing, I felt the need to poop come back. Sadly, instead of finding an empty isle to poop in, I pooped myself in the middle of the bathroom. It still felt so amazing to poop myself in public, I felt the back of my pants and felt a massive poop bulge coming from my butt. Since this is my first time pooping in public, I was anxious about walking around with such a huge bulge, so I took my jacket and tied it around my waist, hiding the bulge from other people. Once I was done in the bathroom, I wanted to leave the store, the only issue was that I parked my car at the opposite side of the store, so I had to sneak around the entire store with poop in my pants and not have anyone notice. I ended up accidentally walking past somebody who was sitting at a desk, but luckily I walked too fast for them to see me. I had to walk past a few other people but I didn’t get nearly as close to them as I did with the person at the desk.
Once I reached the exit, I removed the jacket from my waist and put it back on, revealing my huge poopy bulge to anyone behind me. When I got to my car, I realized the battery in my keys must’ve died, so I had to unlock it with the actual key. So I was standing in the middle of an empty parking lot with a huge load of poop in my pants unlocking my car. I got in and I squished it as I sat down, it felt great!
I went home to grab some coffee and take a picture of my mess, then I went out and drove for a little bit, squishing the poop in my pants as I drove. I eventually came home and cleaned up, but what an adventure! Sadly, my underwear and sweatpants were ruined and I had to throw them out. I need to buy some diapers soon so I can mess myself without having to throw away my underwear. I think I’ll wait until then to mess again, I think I feel a diaper rash coming. Until next time!


  1. dukeofearl67

    I love to poop my pants in public but I usually take it a step further and do it in the presence of people. You would be surprised how many people dont even notice. Hope you can do it again soon!