I just shit my pants at the store

As stated on the title, I just shit my pants at the store. I have never really been a public messer but everyone is wearing masks and are 6ft apart so what better a time to start! Perfect environment for a fairly pain free good old fashioned “accident” in pants. For the past 3 weeks pretty much anytime I go to the store I have been messing my pants. Today I headed to Walmart I entered the store and started walking to the items I needed in the store. I decided to put myself through a series of challenges. Every time I entered and aisle or turned a corner I would have to push for 5 seconds. I was already right on the edge of pooping so the challenges were pretty difficult. So aisle number 1 right of the bad employee right there stocking a shelf. So I push for 5 seconds and I can now feel it sliding out already. I made it to 5 with definitely some damage done. I continue to walk aisle after aisle 5 second pushes here and there and I miraculously make it to my item! My reward for making, push for 15 seconds! I knew this would do it because I already have a little bit of load in my boxer briefs already. So I pushed and pushed 15 seconds rolls around and I am basically pooping my pants but I stop and relax and the slowly a load crackles and pops it’s way into my pants. I can feel it’s semi form but big expanding the ass part of my tight jeans. Almost always at this point I am hit with panic “I got to get out of here” feeling sets in. So I become too afraid to buy the item and put it back, I walk into the bathroom to make sure there is no wet spot. I turn my ass towards the mirror and the unmistakable poop bulge is visible going mostly to the right of that seam line back there. I my panic turns to excitement and I pull my pants up and take my wallet out of my pocket for all to see my load. I start toward the exit. I make it to the door “ Sir you can’t go out this way you have to use the middle door” me: “uhh, okay” I turn around and start walking “Sir, you can go this way too” me “oh thank you” smiling and waking by. I say this because I have never spoken to anyone with a big ol load in my pants. Anyway I make it out to my car and drive home. Currently sitting in my
Load typing this up!


  1. dukeofearl67

    It is so much fun to poop your pants at Walmart. I have done it many times and sometimes stayed messy in public for hours.

  2. airborne

    That’s an interesting way of taking advantage of social distancing. It’s not something I have really used a lot but there have been a couple of times I have with the lack of people around.

    On the subject of social distancing. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but something I have noticed there are some people that ignore it. One of them is a young lady that cleans my office and my company provided accommodation. She not only gets well within the zone she gets VERY close and personal. At first, I thought it was because she wasn’t aware of the requirements, but I realized she was wasn’t doing it to anyone else, or at least that I could see. I even left a policy on my desk, but she simply ignored it. She is one of the lucky ones that kept her position and like a lot she is required to cover a couple of different including accommodation cleaning.

    When she realized one of the properties she cleans is mine she got surprisingly excited. The next time she cleaned my house I noticed the clothes on my bed had moved, especially my underwear, yet my house had been cleaned with a lot more detail. Since the lock down I have been working from home a couple of days a week and she has started cleaning my house when I am home. She is supposed to do it on days I am in my office, but she makes an excuse her supervisor makes the roster and she must follow it.

    Possible like some others when they are in the privacy of their own house, I don’t usually wear cologne or bother to much with how I look or smell. Another thing that’s probably a bit more unique to me is I like to wear the same underwear for a while. The first day she came to my house I was quite shocked as it was after a long weekend and I was rather conscious of the way I smelt. I tried to keep my distance from her, but it soon became obvious she was intentionally getting as close as possible to me. That’s been going on for a while now but the last time she was cleaning she wasn’t talking much, and it seemed like she had something on her mind. After a while she came into the dining room where I was working on my computer and asked me if it was ok if she told me something. When I said yes, she “I really like how you smell. I like the cologne you wear to work but the way you smelt that first time I cleaned your house is way nicer”. She then explained how she was the same at home and then said a surprising thing “I’m like you I wear the same underwear as well”. I had no idea what to say and just sat there stunned at her admission. Since then she has made quite a few more admissions one of which is she hated the social distance because she likes to smell people.