First time poop my pants

Hey everybody

i dont know why but i always like it the poop feeling, so one day after school i was alone at home and bursting to go. i just let out a huge mess in my pants and kind like it .

so i keep doing since it

Message me anytime i´m here to make friends


  1. airborne

    I think that’s how a lot of us enjoyed doing it but for me having friends around all the time was quite restrictive. Once I began doing it on purpose it was like I was a drug addict looking for opportunities to get my next fix. After a while I began to take risks and realized that getting away with it increased the experience. My loads were always really firm and not to smelly and using cologne disguised it good enough to get away with it. I still clearly remember the first time I did it while I was out with my friends and the first time I did it on purpose at school.