Did the stinkiest shit ever in the hardware store

So I was in the store, and felt a huge log of butt fudge brewin down below. I had on some baggy jeans n a jersey. Most people would head to the bathroom, but i love using my pants as a toilet. So I found a comfortable part of the store to do my doody in. i squatted my butt a little and kind of crossed my legs. I needed to break wind first, so I relaxed and pushed out those farts. They was real loud and were filling up the whole area with a rotten egg smell. It was so strong, even I whistled and was like dang my booty stank! Then I moved to another place and let that funky mist just ferment in the air. So I went into an isle and pretended to look at something on the shelf. There was like two other duded in the isle. I squatted a little again, and pushed out some silent stinkers that were pretty rotten and foul. One dude walked by me and I know he smelt it cuz he made a face. Then I heard him laughin as he walked away. So finally, I pushed harder and busted a dook in my underwear. The smell began to rise up all around me, and let me tell you, your boy didn’t smell like roses! LOL So I just walked around for a bit and enjoyed the booty cake in my underwear, spreadin my stink all over. Then I walked to the bathroom to dump my turd and change my draws. There’s nothin better in the world then working up a good stank and marinating in it!


  1. BrinaBoBina

    I love your your metaphors – booty cake, butt fudge lol 😛. Dude you describe the absolute best pants poop – preceded by horrible smelling farts, and a perfect fluffy-like shit that gets mashed in your underwear, feel so good and hot as it stayes suspended in your drawers and butt cheeks, and (my favorite part), STANK! Marinating in the sweet scent that comes out your rear is a spectacular reward.