I Pooped My diaper while gaming

So I recently moved into a new room in my house and it was massive and I had it all to myself so I have been wearing diapers more openly. Last night after a brutal day at work I can home and put on an abena L3. I went pee in it twice last night before bed and once when I woke up today. I had just finished setting up my consoles and everything and was playing some classic PS2. My family all went off for the day so I decided after I got back from getting a coffee I would just strip down into nothing by my soaked and soggy diaper. So I am sitting on the floor in the middle of a mission on this game and I feel the urge to poop, I try and wait till I am done on the game but I figured I would test out my new freedoms. Whilst sitting on the floor I began to push and a little pee came out as this was happening and then finally it was like I turned on a faucet and a very loose almost liquidy mess came out as I was sitting on the floor in my diaper I could feel it as I played and then once I finished my game I went to go change and since I don’t have any flushable wipes left I cleaned myself off with the jest setting in the shower and it worked wonders. Hopefully soon I can start doing messes more consistently maybe even like once a week on my days off when nobody else is around. Hope you enjoyed the story if anyone even reads it. I gotta get to work and I will wear when I get home.


  1. PoopI

    There will be no turning back once you start messing your diapers.

  2. PoopI

    There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on the floor with your game console in a messy diaper!

  3. busywettinggoodnite Post author

    Yeah, that was the first time I have messed a diaper not standing up and it was fun. Cleaning it up is less desirable but I can just hop in the shower to clean myself off

  4. Colleen's pooping

    I bought myself a pack of pull up style adult diapers today and fell in love they are so fucking comfortable I just would like to say that I’m in my glory the leakage protection is great they hold definitely more then I piss

  5. PoopI

    Abena or molicare and will occasionally slip on a Tranquility ATN.