Endless Mess

This is a story from one of the few times i made a mess in a diapers (as a DL) I remember it was early summer and school just let out. I had just began buying vintage goodnites online at the time and that day a package of BMX ones came. Those ones brought back memories as they are what i used for bedwetting. My dad and brother were away for the weekend and my mom was getting ready to leave for work. I grabbed a bmx goodnite from out of the package and ran down to the basement. I went into our basement bathroom and put my diaper on. I had a lot for food and drink that day so idk what caused it but as my mom was coming down the stairs i began to pee in my diaper as i sat on the coutch (i had shorts on over my diaper) as i am wetting my diaper i feel it. I thought it was just a fart and didn’t think anything of it until i felt mess running inside my diaper. As my mom ran back upstairs to get her car keys i ran into the bathroom and locked the door. As she was leaving she asks “what is that smell” i say “sorry, had to go” as casually as i could and she left. Once she left i got up from the toilet. I stood in with my back facing the large mirror and pulled the rear of my pull up down. There was indeed some mess in there. Right before i was about to change i felt it again. I figured damage was done and there was no risk of getting caught with everyone gone so i began to push everything out. It would not stop coming and it was very liquidy. About 10 minutes later it stopped coming out. There was so much mess in my diaper i could feel it up by my crotch and nearly out the back of my diaper. I grabbed an old towel we used to use to clean up water that would get in out basement and i laid it on the floor. I then squatted on the towel and reluctantly laid down, when i did i felt the mess on my ass and crotch. I carefully grabbed each side of the pull up and took it off. I stood up and pretty much the entire pad of the diaper was covered in poop and some was even dripping off my ass. I cleaned myself up as much as i could and then quadruple bagged that diaper in plastic bags. I got mess on the towel so i ended up placing at the bottom of the basement trash. I then went upstairs and showered, some mess still washing off of me. I then grabbed another BMX pull up and put it on. I wet it and as i wet it i had an extremely wet fart however there was no mess to go along with it.


  1. Fritz

    Nice, maybe next time take a picture of the mess and put it up on here