Diapered at the Movies

It was a few weeks ago July 15, 2019 precisely. Me and 2 friends decided to go and see Avengers Endgame in theaters as I had never seen it. It started at like 10pm and ran into like 1 am. When we arrive we all get out of my car and head inside I buy my tickets and a large drink, Hi-C with no ice. Also when we arrived my diaper was a little bit wet maybe like 1 wetting. We find are seats at the very top row as it was a weekday so the theater was practically empty that late. As the ads play I get bored and just chug my drink as the movie starts I eventually need a refill and we sent my friend to go and get refills. A little bit later into the movie I get a strong urge to piss. I wait as long as I can maybe 30 minutes before I just let it out. It was so much pee that my diaper was extremely wet at this point. About 20 minutes later I need to go again but I don’t want to risk my diaper leaking and getting my clothes and seat soaked so me and one of my friends decide to run to the bathroom as quickly as possible and come right back. When we get to the bathroom I go into the corner stall that is bigger than the rest and reach down into my diaper, I pull out my penis and begin to pee into the toilet and when I am just about done I let the last few drops go into my diaper I feel it up a bit and sure enough it is almost entirely full. The rest of the movie went by uneventful. I drop my friends off and get home by about 2 am. I get inside and to my bedroom. I take off my pants and t shirt and climb into bed with just my diaper on. I wet it a few more times and eventually cum into it before falling asleep. The next morning before heading into work I snapped a few picks of it before I took it off and a few of the diaper after I took it off. The pictures are on my profile and labled “7-16-19 Wet diaper in the morning”