Diaper Chronicles Part 1

I am going to be making this a series of personal stories of me diapered from before I became a DL and from after. I really like to share stories involving diapers with others in the community and I love hearing other peoples stories from being diapered.

This story happened when I was about 11 years old (About 8 years ago) this was when I very rarely had the opportunity to wear diapers in between my bedwetting phase and becoming a young DL. This was during the summer and me and my neighbor would hang out pretty much everyday. One night he was going to be spending the night over at my house. He was 2 years younger than me and was still a bedwetter (he wore underjams) As he was a heavy wetter and wanted to be careful not to leak while at my house he brought over 3 underjams. Me being a diaper fiending 11 year old I asked him if I could wear one. He gave me one of the underjams without a second thought. I put it on but didn’t wet it yet. This was probably the first time in about 3 years since I had worn a diaper so I was nervous that if I wet it even once it was leak. After a little while he went to sleep and I really, REALLY needed to go. I sat up on the air matress and just let it out, it felt so weird at first and I was squirming a bit as I thought it would leak but surprisingly it didn’t, It was barely full. All hopped up on adrenaline I stayed awake for a while longer, we had plenty to drink so by the time I got really tired I needed to go pee pee again. This time I stood up, I braced myself before again letting it just flow out, By this point the front of the diaper was full and the pee that wasn’t absorbed ran down to just under my balls. I didn’t like the idea of my parents discovering my dirty little secret so I put underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt on to cover up my underjam. The next morning I woke up to my friend tapping me. I woke up and he asked where he could change (He soaked an entire underjam to the max) I pointed to the upstairs bathroom. I patiently waited and when he finally came out he asks “Did you wet your diaper too?” I said “Yeah, but while you changed I quickly went into my room and took mine off (Lies)” me and him then left my house and went to ride our bicycles around the neighborhood. It felt so good sitting on that rock hard bike seat and being greeted by the comforting warmth of a wet diaper and the fact that my friend didn’t know I had it on was all the more thrilling. Later on that morning my friend had to go home as his mother was going somewhere. I went home and everyone was gone but my older sister who was asleep. I felt an all too familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. I quietly walked into the bathroom. I took off everything but my now 3 wetting strong underjam. I stood there looking in the mirror contemplating for a minute before my mind was made up. I then dropped a mess into the seat of my underjams, it felt so good but mere seconds after I did that I realized I had no idea how I was going to hide it. I sat on the toilet with my poopy underjam still on and then I got an idea. for some reason as long as I could remember we kept flushable wipes under the bathroom sink. I decided to carefully guide my underjam down my leg. To my surprise the mess wasn’t all that messy. I then held my underjam over the toilet and carefully folded it inside out dropping the mess into the toilet. I cleaned the inside of the diaper as best I could with the wipes and they actually did a pretty good job, you couldn’t tell which stains were from the mess of just from me peeing in it. I then wiped myself as I would normally and threw the underjam back on. It felt so amazing. I did end up taking it off later that night and hiding it at the bottom of the garbage can. But from that day forward I always tried my best to be friendly with that kid because he had something I had longed for, diapers.