Diaper Chronicles #2

It was the summer of 2013, this was when i had a very close group of friends (we got into a big fight later on in life) one friend in particular was a bedwetter and brought a goodnite over my house and I wore it (I already told that story) He invited me over his house for a sleepover just a few weeks after he stayed over my house. Once i got to his house he told me that we had the place to ourselves all night. We stayed up late, ordered pizza, played call of duty zombies, had as much junk as we wanted. He eventually confessed he was tired and wanted to go to bed so he went to his bathroom and I heard through the door the plastic packaging goodnites come in on the other side of the door. Once he comes out we lay down and i stay awake until he goes to sleep. I quietly get up grab one of the shirts i brought with me and head into his bathroom. I search around until i find the package of goodnites. I took 5 and wrapped 4 up in the shirt i put the fifth one on in his bathroom and admired myself in the mirror as the yellow river began to flow. When the river stopped i played with it a little and then put my shorts back on. I then crept out of ths bathroom and put the 4 goodnites wrapped in the shirt at the bottom of my backpack under all the other things i brought. I then laid down on his bedroom floor and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and he was sitting up in bed with his wet goodnite on. We made awkward eye contact and he went to change. While he was in the bathroom i examined my own wet goodnite, it was more wet than it was last night and a little soggy from all my pee it smelt amazing. When he came back I told him i had to be heading home. So i grabbed my bicycle and threw one leg over. I waved as he went back inside his house. I then sat on the rock hard bike seat (you know the ones that spread your ass cheeks) and all i feel is the wetness of the diaper rubbing on my ass as i ride all the way back to my house. I felt like someone who just pulled off the biggest heist ever when i made it home successfully with my diapers. Later that summer i bought a full pack of them from CVS and wore them 24/7 while i played Black Ops 2 Origins when it came out, the diapers came in handy because i could just go pee and i didn’t even have to move. It was by far the best summer of my life.