Bedwetters dream

Last night I put on a diaper after I got home last night. I have been rewatching movies I haven’t seen in a while and as I was watching this movies I was tired and didn’t want to get up so I pissed in my diaper. Once the movie was over I began to try and go to sleep. During the movie I had a bottle of water and a soda from my food I got after work. I woke up the next moring with my diaper pretty soaked and I had slept about 9 hours which is way longer than normal so I must’ve peed in it while I was sleeping. I got dressed and went to get some coffee, when I came back I took everything off except my soaked diaper and then put my pajama pants and a white t-shirt on. I went out to my kitchen and had cereal and sat at the kitchen table and as I sat down I felt the wetness on my ass, it was great. I wet my diaper again while I was eating as well. I was bored so I came on here and decided to type up my experience on here because it was super fun. I am still wearing my diaper right now and I will probably leave it on until I need to go to work later. I am wearing an abena L3.